Hope to get up a leans post every morning with recaps and results, then follow later in the day with a picks post.


A’s(Braden) v. Angels(Saunders):
Underrated team vs Overrated team. Saunders only struck out 4.68 batters per nine innings last season and his BABIP was well below his career average. Who is Dallas Braden? Well, he has a cool name. This is lining up for the first 2 play of the season.

v. Mets(Santana)
Santana was pretty darn good last year and probably deserved to be so. Still, this is a good plus number on a good pitcher and the Reds are at home.

Good Chance:
Washington(Lannan) v. Florida(Nolasco)
Is John Lannan the worst opening day starter? I say, Yes. Nolasco is the most well known and best pitcher on a terrible team. Not many people would say Washington is better than Florida.

Baltimore(Guthrie) v. NYY(C.C.)
Guthrie may be able to give Lannan a run for his money in the “Worst Opening Day Starter” competition. He has no chance against mighty C.C.

Colorado(Cook) v. Arizona(Webb)
I remember being on Cook a lot last year under the “suprisingly good pitcher on a pretty terrible team” clause and given what Webb and Arizona did early last season, this is a pretty nice spot.

Tampa Bay(Shields) v. Boston(Beckett):
Somewhat surprisingly, no love for the Rays. The Sox can’t be this much better than the Rays.

Pittsburgh(Maholm) v. St. Louis (Wainwright)
Pittsburgh will be terrible, St. Louis is overvalued by the general public, but I am a little hesitant to back Maholm here.

Leans that Don’t Deserve write-ups:

Looks to be a busy day. Picks along with Update Record and Golf Rankings will be up sometime later today. I’m serious, this week I’m actually going to do some of this house cleaning stuff.


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