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The Phillies won the World Series. Wow.

I really could start every post with that phrase.
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I read on that the Phillies are the rumor-mill front runners for Matt Holliday.

I am a huge Matt Holliday fan and would love to see him in a Phillies uniform next season. That being said, I will be a little sad to see Burrell gone next season.

Also, a potential Holliday trade comes with two conditions for me.

1) No one on the postseason roster can be part of the trade except possibly JA Happ. The Phillies can’t trade away key parts of this team–namely Victorino or Werth–to get Holliday. If they really want Holliday they can just wait one year and then sign him as a free agent without giving away players.

2) The Phillies must be able to lock him up long term before the trade. It is not worth having Holliday for just one year and giving up three or four prospects. Having Holliday for 5 years, though, would make up nicely for the loss of the prospects. I would rather have a bird in the hand than 3 in the bush, but I would also rather have 4 in the bush than 2 in the bush.

Since I don’t really care about the NBA or the NHL, I’ll be working on a MLB season in review post. It may be a lot, It may be one, I am not sure. It will definitely focus on overrated and underrated teams looking ahead to next year.


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Holy Shit. The Phillies won the World Series. I don’t know what to say.
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This is part awesome and part absolutely surreal. Usually in a baseball game there is some time between the first pitch excitement and the late inning jitters. Not last night.

I was nervous as hell throughout the last inning.

Then it happened. Lidge threw the strikeout that will be remembered for ages in Philly. Unreal.

This is a credit to every player and coach on the team, they all pitched in and they all deserve it.


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The Phillies will win.

To be honest I’m really feeling a walk off homer. That would only be fair.

The Phils have a nice advantage of getting an extra 3 outs in the rest of the game against the Rays. They also got a break in that Cole can probably come back should their be a seventh game.

Should be a cold night in Philly.

Go Phils!

ADDED 8:21:
PHILS TO WIN -156(.5)

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…only with help from a mammoth rain storm and Buddy Selig. Props to James for the outstanding picture that really sums up the series and the Selig Administration in general.

The forecast tonight in Philly calls for temps in the low 30s with lots of wind and rain. If this game was being played in similar conditions, I’d guess the attendance at about 1,000 or so. But this is Philly, so no need to worry about the atmosphere.

Because the forecast is so shaky, I’d have one piece of advice for the Phils: Pinch hit Joe Blanton immediately.

The Rays almost didn’t have a place to sleep last night, so they were forced to travel to Wilmington, DE (of course you all know this as the home of the Sherrill clan). Let’s hope some of Delaware’s finest stepped up and made some late night calls to the hotel.

Quote of the night from James Sherrill, concerning fans stepping up and hassling the Rays:
“That would be the greatest moment in Delaware history since George Washington crossed the Delaware River standing up in a rowboat.”

Interesting item here: Apparently the Phillies are World Series champs in Nevada.

On another note, I apologize for the lack of posts recently, things have been way too busy.

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The Phillies are the worst team ever to make the World Series.

After watching an hour of Sportscenter, I’ve pretty much heard every reason why the Phillies are an awful team.

I love how people are hating on the Phillies so much this year. Apparently if you are a baseball team not from the AL East, or Los Angeles, you don’t exist.

My reason for the Phillies not winning is bad luck. So the Phillies struck out or grounded out weakly with RISP. It’s not like they haven’t done that before. To go 1-28 is nothing more than bad timing.

Enough with “Big Game” James. First Off, he copied that nickname. Second he was very mediocre last night and in general. I wish his name was Bob.

Baseball prospectus has the Phillies at 55% to win the World Series from this point. Thats down from 65% before yesterday’s game, but higher than the 51% that B-Pro gave them before the series started.

On the Season the Rays record was, 92-70 based on run differential, while the Phillies was 93-69. Obviously you could argue that the Rays played a tougher schedule, but I think the Phillies are a better team.

Once again the Phillies got more hits, more total bases, more runners on base in the first two games. They just didn’t get them in. Oh, and they were on the road.

The Phillies may not win this series but it won’t be because they are a worse team than Tampa Bay.

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Time to disagree

So far the World Series is playing out exactly as I imagined. Cole dominates game one, Myers pitches ok but loses to James Shields. That’s all said and done. Now it’s time to look forward.

The series is 1-1, heading to Philly for three games where the Rays will lose their DH. I don’t really think this will play too much of a factor. It’ll be an automatic out for the Rays pretty much every time the pitcher comes up but I’m more concerned about how Joe Madden is going to manage around this. Could be interesting since he likes to do some unorthodox things.

Anyway, on to game 3. Garza vs. Moyer. I really see no way Garza doesn’t win this game. He’s been money in the playoffs. James seems to think Moyer is due, i seem to think Moyer is done.

That being said, Rays take game three. As for game four, things get a little more interesting. Sonnanstine vs. Blanton. This one is kind of a toss up in my mind, but I’m going to pick the Rays because they are the better team IMO.

Game 5: Cole will dominate yet again.

Game 6: James “Big Game” Shields wins the biggest game of his life and the Rays are crowned World Series Champions for the first time in franchise history.

Should be fun.

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After having time to cool off from the abortion that was the home plate umpiring last night, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Phillies should be up 2-0 in this series. The Phillies were over the first two games a far superior team. Holding your opponent to 1-28 with RISP, even assuming every player on the other team is a .200 batter is very lucky.
Photo from ESPN.

The Phillies have left 22 runners on base in this series compared to only 7 for the Rays. Some would say that means the Rays are capitalizing, but two games is such a short sample that I call this luck. The Phillies have 28 Total bases to 16 for the Rays.

Another frustrating thing, is watching “Big Game” James Shields. The only apparent reason for this nickname is it rhymes. His postseason K/9, BB/9, HR/9, WHIP, Opponents Avg. and FIP are all up from the regular season. Obviously this could be due to better teams, but hes lucky to strand almost 80% of runners on base compared to a career average of around 72.

Looking ahead to for the Phils, they send Jamie Moyer to the hill on Saturday night.

Considering my firm belief in the law of averages.(Moyer will average out two crappy starts with a good one) and the Rays struggles against left handed pitching, I feel good.

Rays v RHP: .267 BA, .434 SLG, .778 OPS
Rays v LHP: .246, .396, .726

I don’t know if it has any bearing on the rest of the series, but through the first two games the phillies proved they were a far better team.

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