Here’s a look at Tiger’s rounds, based on the field average (negative is good), for 2011 PGA Tour Events. (NOTE: Did not count WD at PLAYERS Championship)

Round number 17 is the start of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. Not a whole lot of meaning in these, because of the small sample and randomness, but Tiger did appear to be getting better until the end of the Masters. His injuries derailed that progress.

Here’s another look broken down by pre- and post- Masters rounds.

Same story pretty much, solid improvement leading into the Masters, then slipped up by the injury. Wish he had a few more rounds after the injury to compare them.

The one interesting question, is why has Tiger been so bad. He’s made swing changes before, this is by far the worst he has been in the transition. Injuries are probably a factor, but I can’t help but wonder what Tiger is actually trying to do with the swing changes sometime. He was the best player ever under Haney, and been pretty slow to replicate that success under Foley.

It’s also pretty clear Tiger needs more tournament reps, though playing in the fall series seems like kind of waste. What would he really be prepping for anyway, a month and a half off from December to January? It would be nice to see Tiger add in a few more early season preps leading into the Masters. It was one thing for him to play 15 times a year from 2006-2009, when he was dominating. Now, I think he might need to expand the schedule a little bit.


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