Tiger Woods: Just by averaging all the players in all brackets, this one comes out as the toughest, though part of that could be because of Tiger Woods in the one-slot. For Tiger, on a 2 through 16 basis, this group is about equal to Westwood’s bracket. In the first round, Tiger faces Thomas Bjorn which is a nice draw that Woods is rightfully a big favorite in. Other than that, only Kyung-Tae Kim as the seventh seed is noticeably easier than average in this group. Woods gets no favors after that, however, with a match-up with a major champion and very good player in the second round. Two through four this bracket is about average, which means it is strong.

Paul Casey: Hard to imagine drawing a worse draw for Casey who has Tiger who is the best one, a strong 15 in the first round. Tenth-seeded Jason Day should have no problem with Kim and would be extremely tough as a 10. J.B. Holmes pulling out is nice for Casey in a way, but Johnson, Overton and Wilson are all harder than could be expected for their seed to get to the round of eight. Casey is no doubt the best player on the bottom half of this bracket, but it’s still a tougher draw than some.

Ernie Els: Els draws a tough Overton in round one. Villegas is a strong 11 and Holmes is a weak six, but Either way Ernie is better that both. Casey is about what should be expected as a No. 2.

Dustin Johnson: Johnson sits in the middle of an overall strong group of four American players. That’s hard for him, then, of course he has Tiger Woods waiting.

(Yes, I realize Tim Clark is still in here, I will have full odds up later)


Padraig Harrington (+135) vs. Geoff Ogilvy (-145): This is based on Ogilvy’s history and crazy Padraig’s swing changes.

Richard Green (+218) vs. Paul Casey (-238): I think Casey’s history is overrated here and Green is a solid, but unknown player.


SLEEPER: Jason Day.


Full odds and Brackets will be up shortly.


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