I’m skipping the Thurs-Fri games, because I don’t really care and getting right to the top-25.

#1 Alabama +23.5 at Duke
Alabama follows up last week’s big win against Penn St., with a trip to perennial ACC powerhouse Duke. Duke had some problems stopping Wake Foresetlast week allowing 500 yards of total offense and 54 points. Of course that was tempered because they scored 48 themselves on 480+ yards. Expect the Defense to play just as opoorly with none of that production from the offense.

Ohio +30.5 at #2 Ohio State
Ohio State is probably not getting enough respect from most people because of a history of getting out-run by SEC and Big 12 teams on the big stage. After last week, Ohio State likely has a very good team that is easily among the top-5 in the country. Still, I doubt anyone gives Ohio a shot here, but who really cares?

#3 Boise St. -22.5 at Wyoming
This one is only interesting because Texas played Wyoming last week. Judging on one common opponent is pretty dangerous, but it may it give us some slight insight into how good Boise State really is. My guess, not the third best team in the country. Wyoming actually hung around with Texas a little for the second straight year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep this one close, but Boise St. usually finds a way to prevail when they shouldn’t.

Baylor at #4 TCU
It would be nice if TCU was playing a big conference opponent with a little more promise than Baylor. Baylor’s got two wins over weak opponents and I’m not sure TCU will be as good as last season so maybe Baylor can make this a game.

Portland St. at #5 Oregon
Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who has taken notice of Oregon’s hot start. They’ll probably cool off at some point and stop with the huge blowouts, but the Ducks should win this one pretty easily.

#6 Texas -3 at Texas Tech
Texas Tech struggled by SMU in their first game, then blew out New Mexico, who is pretty much the worst team ever. Texas Tech has a strong history of playing Texas tough, but I’d have to guess that Texas is a lot better season. Then again, seeing Texas Tech keep this within a field goal after they only beat SMU by a touchdown is pretty ugly.

Air Force +17 at #7 Oklahoma
Borel was clearly good preparation for Florida St. as the Sooners had a much easier time in week 2. OU is probably to top-4 team right now, which might surprise your casual fan, but I don’t think it fools people who really know something about college football. It would be a funny story if Air Force and Utah St. kept it closer than Florida St. with Oklahoma

#8 Nebraska -3 at Washington
If I had to make a stupid predicition, I’d say this week could be a weak where we start to see some of the contenders fall. Alabama, Boise St. Texas, Nebraska, Florida and Iowa are all in the top-10 and on the road. Last year’s Big 12 Champs have been pretty dominant in wins over Idaho and Western Kentucky. Still it remains to be seen if they can muster any offense against real opponents. Washington has a loss under it’s belt so far this season, which isn’t too bad considering they were on the road against BYU and it was a pretty even game. This seems like your typical people are making assumption about a top ten team, but it’s got a great shot of being a close game.

#9 Iowa -1.5 at #24 Arizona

Is this the marquee game of the week? Neither of these teams is remotely tested so far this season. Really don’t have much of an opinion on either of these teams, so I’ll be interested to see how this one turns out.

#10 Florida -14 at Tennessee
Florida has dropped slightly in the rankings and rightfully so because this year’s edition of the team has done nothing yet to prove it is a top-ten squad. Obviously people realize this as Florida is way less popular than some of the other top ten favorites. Interestingly, Oregon was -10.5 last week against Tennessee. I’m not sure if that’s Tennessee being worse in people’s opinions or people think Florida is better than Oregon or some combination of both. Even with the loss to Alabama, Florida probably would have closed as the oddsmakers best team last year. They definitely lost a lot, but they also have a lot of talented players. It’s possible that they really are better than Oregon, though you couldn’t say that from the first two games of the season.

Arizona St. +14 at #11 Wisconsin
Again, interesting cross conference match-up here with two teams I really have no feel for. Interested to see how this one turns out.

#12 Arkansas +2.5 at Georgia
If there is one thing about Georgia over the past few years, its how overrated they have been. I guess people want to believe in a big program that has proved itself pretty mediocre in the past couple years. I think Georgia is still overrated, but this doesn’t speak very highly for Arkansas that they are only a point or so better than Georgia in Vegas’ mind.

Furman at #13 South Carolina
This is the funny part about polls. South Carolina jumped around 10 points after beating Georgia, who was ranked last week. Of course the only thing we know about Georgia is they garnered enough pre-season hype to be ranked in the mid-20s. I’ll hold out my judgment on how good of a win Georgia really was for a few weeks. There are some 1-AA teams that can threated the 1-A schools. Furman is not one of them.

#14 Utah -22.5 at New Mexico

New Mexico has approximately 0 chance of winning this game. If I actually cared about this game, I might wonder how in the hell New Mexico keeps this within 3 touchdowns. In games like this, anyone who knows how to use google can easily learn that the New Mexico is horrendously awful. Doesn’t speak that highly of Utah, then.

Mississippi St. +7.5 at #15 LSU

LSU responded well after their total stinker against UNC by dominating Vanderbilt. Bring on the real SEC competition.

Clemson +7.5 at #16 Auburn
I guess Auburn’s three point win last week was enough to convince some people they should move up in the polls. With the ACC’s poor showing last week, Clemson could be pretty underrated here. I don’t know about the rest of Clemson’s team but they should be able to replace Spiller at the RB slot.

#18 USC -12 at Minnesota
It’s kind of funny that USC is still so popular after what they did last season and their less than impressive performances in the first two weeks. You have to be careful, because those could be just two really bad games from a good team, but the larger body of evidence suggests USC won’t be very good again this season.

Wake Forest +17 at #19 Stanford
The Cardinal were certainly impressive last weekend, though who knows how good UCLA will be. If Wake struggled so much to stop Duke, you have to guess they might have a hard time with Stanford.

UMass at #20 Michigan
Michigan is coming off the big win against Notre Dame. I say “big” because it was on TV and against a historically prominent team. There is still really no telling how good either of those teams will be. UMass is likely only a few points worse than James Madison and we saw what they did to Virginia Tech. This could be a sneaky test for Michigan.

Maryland +10 at #21 West Virginia
Wait, so West Virginia moved UP after that crap fest they put on display last week? People were obviously paying attetion as Maryland seems to be pretty popular for a road underdog. I’m not exactly convinced that WVU is close to underrated, though.

Kent St. at #22 Penn St.

I think Penn St. wins this game 37-6 every year.

#23 Houston +3 at UCLA

Can’t imagine the Bruins will be too popular after how they played against Stanford last week.

Louisville +19.5 at #25 Oregon St.
Should be a pretty uninteresting game.

Wyoming against Boise St.
Duke against Alabama

UW over Nebraska
Texas Tech over Texas
Arizona over Iowa
Clemson over Auburn
Minnesota over USC
UCLA over Houston


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