It’s only been two games so it’s hard to say who has been lucky and who has been good.

Since Alabama won the title last year they would probably be number 1, but if Oklahoma had finished 10-2 or in the top-5 like they probably were, this is the number two team in the country right now. Florida State is probably not going to be great this year, and turnovers from Florida State helped make this a blowout, but OU is the real deal.

I might have been the only person that noticed Oregon’s 72-0 victory. I don’t even remember off the top of my head who they beat but when you outgain a team by over 600 yards that’s impressive no matter who you play. They followed it up by thrashing Tennessee on the road 48-13. Tennessee may turn out to be just mediocre this year, but that’s a big road win.

Southern California has now been out gained by Hawaii and beat Virginia by ten points at home. This comes after a pretty poor season last year. Take the USC off their helmets and tell me this team is still ranked. I think not.

Virginia Tech:
My ears bled driving to work listening to some clown on ESPN radio say we should still treat Boise State’s win over Virginia Tech as a win against a big time team. I’m sorry, no we shouldn’t. Virginia Tech may well go 7-4 this season, in which case, I’m not giving Boise much credit.

Boise State:
We all knew this, right? If you’ve watched Boise play a lot over the past few years and how overrated they seemed to be, it’s not a terrible shock that Virginia Tech was upset by a very good 1-AA team the next week. Boise is probably one of the 10-15 best teams in College Football. Top-3? No way.

Comparing teams based on similar opponents is dangerous to do at this point of the season, because it’s only one game and a lot can happen in one game that is just random, but there are a few interesting ones this week.

Wyoming plays Boise State. The Broncos just played Texas. Florida travels to Tennessee. Florida has looked less than good against weaker opponents so far this year. Could be interesting to see how they do compared to Oregon. Clemson playing Auburn should be fun with what Auburn did last week and the ACC’s horrible showing over the weekend. Other than that, not much out there this weekend aside from a couple mildly intriguing Big Ten-Pac Ten matchups with Iowa-Arizona, Wisconsin-Arizona St.



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  1. cajuncook

    Not sure I understand the VT hate. They were >30 pt favorites.

  2. Wait, so they’ve lost to Boise State and James Madison and you’re trying to defend them. I’m thinking this could be a very average ACC squad this season. They obviously could turn it around and these two games could turn out to be the fluke, but I’m thinking most of the reason people thought they were so good coming into the season is “Virginia Tech.”

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