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#21 Auburn -1.5 at Mississippi St.

Coming off a 7-5 season, I’m not exactly sure what makes Auburn a top-25 team other than program reputation. They did kick the crap out of Sun Belt power Arkansas State last week, but I’m not exactly sold yet. Mississipi State was decently competitive last season in going 5-7, although they did lose to Auburn 49-24. I’d guess Mississippi State is better than expected this year and can keep this one close.

#23 West Virginia -12 at Marshall

Pretty standard favorite gets all the action. Marshall got thumped by tOSU last week, so it figures that WVU also with numbers in front of its name should be able to do the same. At least the Thundering Herd are at home.

UTEP +19.5 at Houston (ESPN)
Houston is a flashy team that posted a good record last season and scores a lot of points (68 in week one, over 30 in all but one game last year). The problem is, despite some solid wins last year, they also let up a lot. I’d say UTEP, who won 58-41 last season, could be pretty underrated coming into this one, as is the possibility for a low scoring game. Of course, have fun rooting for UTEP to stop Case Keenum and Houston to stop anyone.

#18 Penn St. +12 at #1 Alabama
The Obvious marquee match-up of the week, featuring a classic rivalry. I expect much of the talk to focus on how Alabama’s SEC speed will control the game against Penn St. Mark Ingram’s knee could be a concern for some, but Trent Richardson proved in the national title game that he could be an adequate fill in. I would argue that Ingram has talent, but more importantly lots of good players around him. Alabama should be able to make up for whatever he isn’t able to do.

I’d have to say Alabama could be overrated based on last year, when it’s doubtful they were truly a better team than Florida (It was close, but one game can go either way) and could have easily lost to Colt McCoy’s backup. However, I think they should be significantly better than PSU this year and more than 10-point favorites strikes me as pretty fair.

#12 Miami +8 at #2 the Ohio State University
Miami started to turn things around last year, and I’m sure they have a ton of good athletes, but 12, really? This could be true, but it seems to me, that more people are banking on Miami to find some athletes that can run circles around the slow tOSU team.

Tennessee Tech at #4 TCU
I was one of the biggest fans of the Horned Frogs last season, but only because they were legitimately dominating teams(Not Boise St. dominating) and there really wasn’t a great team in college football. Oregon State hung around with TCU until the end last week, despite getting out-gained by almost 200 yards. I’m hesitant to say that TCU will be as good as last year, so they might be a touch overrated with this high of a ranking, but they still sould be solid and who really cares about a Tenny Tech-TCU game on Saturday night?

Wyoming +28.5 at #5 Texas
Let’s take this opportunity to discuss early season crap fests. Does anyone think Wyoming can keep this remotely close? Absolutely not. Are they particularly concerned about this game, or confident in Texas. Not really. Often times the worst of teams are underrated, but when it’s a game like this you probably aren’t passing up much.

Idaho at #6 Nebraska
See above.

#7 Oregon -11.5 at Tennessee
This one is mildly intriguing as Oregon is coming off a good season, and Tennessee is pretty much forgotten in SEC talk. It’s the start of a pretty brutal stretch for Tennessee where they play 6 currently ranked teams in the next 7 weeks, though I bet they are pretty even with UGa and the Spurriers. Lane Kiffin got a ton of negative publicity for last year’s team, but they hung tough with both Florida and Alabama(blocked FG on last play of game). To be honest, I’m not sure what seperates them from the rest of the UGa’s, SCs and mediocre SEC team, but I feel like they are less well regarded.

Oregon will have to deal with Jeremiah Masoli, who seems like he should be eminently replaceable. Oregon out-gained New Mexico 720-107 last week in a 72-0 win, which is pretty impressive. New Mexico sucks, but damn. Maybe Oregon should be ranked a few spots higher. I think Tennessee will be better than expected this season and could hang in there, but who knows.

South Florida +15 at #8 Florida
I’m not sure what the hell Florida was doing last week. Only 260 yards of offense and 3 turnovers is not a good combination. If you compare that with what Oregon did last week it’s not even close. Let’s not overreact on one game, but are we sure Florida is going to be that special this year with what they lost?

Iowa St. +13.5 at #9 Iowa
I totally forgot about Iowa’s start to last season. They might be good again, but I’m pretty sure a legitimate top-10 team would be laying more than two touchdowns to Iowa State.

#17 Florida State at #10 Oklahoma
Oklahoma will without a doubt be suffering a huge let-down after having to face #BorelforHeisman and the Aggies of Utah State. Having a number in front of Free $hoes is pretty good for the Sooners here, because it figures to give the Seminoles a lot more credit than they deserve. Oklahoma, you will remember, was easily a top-ten team last year masked with a 8-5 record. I like Oklahoma in this one.

San Jose St. +37.5 at #11 Wisconsin
I’m pretty sure when I say who cares about this one, I am including most of the Wisconsin players. No sense worry about fractions of a point above 5 touchdowns as they should roll SJSU before a mildly intriguing match-up with Arizona State next week.

James Madison at #13 Virginia Tech
The first real test for Boise State will come this week, when Virginia Tech plays another opponent. Tech was not great against Boise State, but it’s only one game. Well see how they play against a pretty tough 1-AA opponent in James Madison.

#14 Arkansas at LA-Monroe
I get the feeling Arkansas is going to roll this week, beat Georgia handily because Georgia might not be that good then get killed by Alabama in week 4. For the mean time, who cares about this one.

#15 Georgia Tech -14 at Kansas
Kansas held North Dakota St. to only 168 yards on offense last week. Unfortunately, they only gained 293 of their, own turned it over 3 times and managed to score only 3 points. The Bison clearly wanted to evenge this loss and make Ben Woodside proud. Well done boys. Anyway, Georgia Tech comes to town with a ranking and that always gets fun when a team that just lost to NDSU has to keep it close.

Virginia +19.5 at #16 USC
Two years ago these teams met in Virginia and USC rolled to a 52-7 win and out-gained the Virginia 558-187. Seems kind of funny when you think this game is only 19.5 . The Trojans were less than impressive last week actually getting out-gained by Hawaii, who had to use their second and third string quarterbacks. After a pretty weak showing last year, I’d say USC is probably overrated on program history, but it’s very early in the season to tell.

#19 LSU at Vanderbilt
Aside from the fact that Vanderbilt’s coach is awesome. Color me skeptical about a team that got out-gained by over 100 yards and needed a goal line stand to win against UNC’s B-team. It’s sounds bad if you say Vanderbilt lost to Northwestern last week, but they did out-gain the Wildcats by 67 yards. It’s only one game each, but you have to think on name alone if not on performance LSU will be pretty popular here.

UNLV +22 at #20 Utah
Utah had a nice win over Pittsburgh in week one, who is apparently a Big East contender this year, though I’m not sure what that really means. UNLV pretty much got dominated by Wisconsin, though the score was a little closer than some (UNLV pick 6). Who really cares about this, though?

#22 Georgia +3.5 at #24 South Carolina
Will we look back at this game in 10 weeks and wonder why the hell either of these teams were ranked? I say yes. Seems like to middling(If you’re lucky GA) SEC teams to that should quite equally finish the year with between 6 and 8 wins.

#25 Stanford -6 at UCLA
UCLA went on the road and lost in week one to Kansas St. Stanford killed Sacramento St. I forsee myself watching this game late on Saturday night, but its really too early for a strong opinion on this one.



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  1. Kunk

    UTEP beat Houston last year 58-41. The O/U on that game is 72? Something like that? The consensus numbers at WL were not overwhelming.

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