It’s rare to find two well though out reasoned arguments about winning major championships on the Internet but here they are. (thanks @klejdys)

Another No Name wins a Major( Your Lying Eyes)

For Golf Stat Geeks

Also, from the comments on the first one, the best thing I’ve ever read in relation to Tiger and Jack on the internet:

For example, compare tee-shot arcs.

In contrast, Nicklaus’s teeshots were awe-inspiring to behold. Forty yards off the tee they still be sizzling along at ankle-height, making a woosh sound as the passage of the ball echoed off the grass. Then they’d climb majestically to vast height, while fading slightly to the right to minimize roll, then drop down, down, down from the sky, take one hop and stop, 270 yards from the tee. Considering how strong Nicklaus was, he probably could have averaged an extra 20 yards off the tee if he hadn’t insisted on fading the ball like Hogan did and didn’t use an teeshot arc that used up so much energy in vertical movement.

But, he looked great.

Woods’ teeshots are basically launched at the most effective angle for maximum difference, and he’s discovered that it doesn’t really matter if they are superstraight. He has lots of fans to bounce bad shots off of and trample down the grass in the rough.

Also, Nicklaus would intimidate rivals by switching from driver to one-iron for teeshots in the closing holes. The announcers would go crazy talking about how Nicklaus was making the Smart Play. And then he’d hit the one-iron in the rough. Always happened. Not even God can hit a one-iron, as Trevino said about how he intended to avoid getting hit by lighting in the future by holding a one-iron straight up in the air.


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  1. Just put ’em both in your bookmarks – you won’t be sorry.

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