8:00: I dare someone to come up with a worse combination of announcers than Chris Berman and Curtis Strange.

Tiger +1 thru 12, with a 6 footer for Par on 13.
Stricker +2 thru 13
Sergio +3 thru 13

Today could go either way at this point.

7:23: Can’t wait for the weekend, when all these random bums ESPN keeps showing are no longer playing golf.

6:17: Is Tiger Woods blind? He can’t read a putt anymore.

5:40: Another GIR, and par for Tiger. He’s hitting the ball well so far. Stricker bogeyed 5, Sergio birdied it. I’d like to see them take advantage of the 1-7 stretch a little more.

5:30: Does it make me heartless that I could care less about seeing Erik Compton tee off?

5:25: Tiger has had 3 really good looks at birdie so far. Now, he just needs to make one.

5:03: Dear ESPN, why do I need another recap. I just flipped the channel, I didn’t totally forget what happened in the last hour.

It’s nice to not be totally screwed right now, though. Johnny Miller mentioned the course average was 75 so far, or right around where it was in round 1 of 2000. Tiger shot 65 that day.


4:00: I’m probably throwing a huge jinx on my friend Steve, but I feel way more confident in him than anyone else. So far today, Phil has played delightful and I’m in a relatively good mood. Kind of like the Masters, but the complete opposite.

By the way, this course is playing HARD. If this keeps up 4 or 5 over should be the average winning score.

4:12: Great quote I’d like to pass on, relating to Phil’s chances to win:

He may not be a good VALUE at 8-1, but he has a better chance of winning than anyone else in the field.

The “law of averages” doesn’t apply. This isn’t a game of chance but rather a game of skill. If Phil has been playing as well as he ever has, that’s a reason to bet on him, not against him.



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  1. thickslicing

    -1 down, 71 to go

  2. rolub

    I don’t know how you guys have the stomach to read some of these golf “handicappers”. I want to punch myself reading the few quotes i read on “best of the boards” and the like.

  3. I find it hilarious. In general, I feel like people have absolutely no clue what they are talking about when they talk about golf.

  4. thickslicing

    to be honest, james is the only person i read in the “golf world”… i trust his numbers over any of the suited douches on tv or the wwl

    stricker, tiger, and the serge in ’10

  5. That’s not fair to Curtis Strange. He’s provided TONS of good commentary today.

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