I’m tired of all the endless crap that is flying around Tiger Woods and the state of his game this week. Sure, Tiger could be mentally broken, his swing could be awful, he could be rust as hell, and TPC Sawgrass could be his Cryptonite but the people that are making these comments know nothing.

You know what the easiest, and probably best, explanation for Tiger’s woes is: Randomness. There is almost nothing meaningful that six rounds of golf could tell us. Tiger played four rounds above his average at the Masters, and two well below at Quail Hollow, but the bottom line is his last 80 or so over the past two years tell us more about him than 6 rounds this year.

Tiger has looked good at times, bad at times, but even at less than 100% Tiger is still probably the best golfer in the world by a decent gap.

The Other side of Ryo and Rory

Look, I’m a huge fan of Rory McIlroy and Anthony Kim, they clearly have a lot of talent and are both arguably(in McIlroy’s case) and definitely(in AK’s) in the world’s top ten. The problem is, neither Kim, nor McIlroy, nor Folwer, nor Ryo or anyone else is anywhere close to Tiger’s pace. I’m not saying 1997, 21-year-old Tiger was as good as he has been for the first decade of the 2000s, but he had already exerted a level of dominance over the PGA Tour that none of these young guys have been close to matching.

Maybe Tiger wasn’t nearly as consistent in as he has been in the past few years, but he had already showed that he could dominate, with 4 wins and 9/15 top-10 finishes in his pro tournaments leaning up to the 1997 Masters. Tiger had clearly established a basis for his level of dominance by 21 that few golfers ever have.

I’m not saying Rory and AK, aren’t good golfers that can’t rise to number 2, but neither has been close to the level of dominance that Tiger achieved at a similar age. The fact is, you can drive a Geoff Ogilvy through the gap between Tiger and #2, and it doesn’t seem very likely that Anthony Kim, Rory McIlroy or anyone else out there now is going to exert that kind of dominance on the PGA Tour.

Tiger v. Phil
Allow me to list the things I don’t care about in this match-up:
-Tiger shooting 79 his last round
-Tiger missing the cut
-Tiger’s “terrible history” at TPC Sawgrass
-Phil’s 1-2 finishes in the past two tournaments.
-Phil COULD be #1
-Tiger’s reported struggles in practice rounds.

All that adds up to some crazy lines in this one(as well as other Tiger match-ups), I think you know where I’m going on this one.

Live Odds

Going to do some Live Odds at certain points of the afternoon tomorrow. Good Luck.


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