It’s been a tough two weeks on the variance front, but I really don’t know what you can do about that. I’m 100% confident everything I did was right and I’d do it again if given the chance. Take K.J. last week, I had a lot against him in round 1, he shot -7. He was +5 for the rest of the week. That’s just awful luck.

Masters Leftovers.
-I personally think Phil Mickelson is the most overrated golfer in the world right now and any discussion of the world’s number 2 golfer is probably a toss-up with him and Furyk and Stricker. That being said, I’ll take my hat off to Phil when he deserves it, and his performance at Augusta deserves it. Phil dominated one of the strongest fields in golf for four days. On any other year, Westwood, Kim, Choi and Tiger all played well enough to have a shot to win. This year, they were at least 3 behind Phil. I’ll give Phil all the credit he deserves for his play on the course, but excuse me while I don’t nominate him for sainthood.

-I’m tired of the Tiger is lost right now line of thought. It was his first tournament back, he took months away from the game of golf, and still played above his two year average. Yes, some of his swings looked ugly, his short game was rough around the edges, he could have a made a few more putts inside 10 feet; but, I he still was -11 over four days. For everything that looked bad, there was something equally as good. Sure he hit a few errant drives, but he also made some great recoveries, hit some really good approaches and made a few longish putts. Could Tiger have played better? absolutely, but it’s not like he played horrendously either.

Brian Davis is the most honest person in the world
Or not.

I mean, he might be, I have no idea of knowing, but Sunday’s self-enforced penalty is certainly not enough for me to bring out the “Golfer’s are the only honorable athletes” theme. Let’s consider Brian Davis’ options:

-Not admit the penalty, face a 30 footer to tie Furyk.
-Admit penalty, give away tournament.

In scenario one, Davis loses probably 95% of the time, no one realizes he hit the twig and returns to being a journeyman pro. Like when he started this tournament 99% of Americans would have no idea who he is.

In scenario two, he loses the golf tournament, collects a nice check, and gets a TON of publicity for being an “honest” person. I can think of 50 pros that are just as mediocre and anonymous as Brian Davis. None of them were on Cold Pizza this morning.

The other issue, obviously, is should he have hit the ball from the hazard or dropped it. It would have been an easy 20-foot chip or a 30-foot putt for par. That’s probably six one way a half dozen the other. Either way, when he was lying two in the hazard, Furyk was very likely to win.

This week
Last year’s Zurich Classic was arguably the closest Hurricane Steve as ever come to winning. This is good news, because he almost assuredly will have a terrible price this week. In Europe, they are in Korea, where Anthony Kim is clearly the best player in the field, though it’s debatable he will really feel like playing in terrible weather for four days.

Otherwise, these tournaments are pretty terrible. Choi, Kelly, Yang, Els are probably overrated. Noren, Kim and Garcia should be okay looks this week, though, I doubt they will be that strong.


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