I only bring this up because I was filling in my rankings last night from last week and something jumped out to me.

Tiger played ABOVE his two year average last week.

It didn’t at all look like that, considering he missed way too many make-able putts, drove the ball all over and cursed enough to offend Jim Nantz’s delicate sensibilities. But, the fact is Tiger shot 68-70-70-69 at Augusta, which was pretty darn good.

I’d have to say the one thing that sticks out to me about this tournament is how many players played really well. If Tiger played like that in relation to the field every week, he might win 80% of the tournaments. This week, he was beaten by Phil(who got a big boost in my rankings), Lee Westwood and Anthony Kim.

It seems to me that most people are talking about the negatives for Tiger, but there were just as many positives that you have to factor in. For every errant drive or missed putt, he made a decent sized birdie or stiffed and iron.

On another week, Tiger easily could have won this tournament. This week, he finished t-4. Tiger is getting to get bashed for the state of his game, but I didn’t see anything to say that he won’t be 100% ready for Quail Hollow(or wasn’t 100% ready for Augusta). He just got beat by three guys who played phenomenally for the week.


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