Pairings(odds are my numbers):
Westwood -110 v. Poulter:
Doubt this is playable. People won’t realize that Westwood is actually better but he’s not better by enough that it will make sense playing for 18 holes.

Tiger -230 v. K.J. Choi
The prices on Tiger have been way too low this week, but I think that will change here as Tiger was bet up a little against Choi today.

Anthony Kim -148 v. Ricky Barnes
Barnes is going to get way too much credit in this one because he has contended in 2 out of the last 4 golf tournaments casual fans have watched. Will it be enough to take advantage of, I doubt it. Like with the match play even when there is a pretty wide in rankings disparity between golfers its not that big over 18 holes.

Phil Mickelson -145 v. Y.E. Yang

I have no desire to see one shot from this pairing.

Soren Kjeldsen -101 v. Fred Couples
If the Sergio line is any indication, Kjeldsen will be available in the +150-170 range. I don’t think it will be quite that high, but this looks like a green light on Kjeldsen, who has now contended in the last two majors and is still unknown.

Tiger Woods 31.28% 220
Lee Westwood 21.05% 375
Ian Poulter 15.64% 539
Phil Mickelson 10.42% 859
Anthony Kim 9.32% 973
K.J. Choi 3.60% 2677
Y.E. Yang 1.69% 5824
Ricky Barnes 1.60% 6145
Hunter Mahan 0.78% 12749
Fred Couples 0.71% 13928
Soren Kjeldsen 0.51% 19351

I would go nuts if you could replace Choi and Yang and Barnes with Marino, Na and Garcia. Unfortunately there is not much of a chance anyone besides the super unattractive top-8 on that list wins. If you want to get crazy Perry or Mahan might be decent options, but I’m not sure who is in the mood for that.

No more live odds for the week as I’m heading out of town, but it seemed like people liked that and they will be back at some point.


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