I won’t be silly enough to say that someone has no chance of winning, Hurricane Steve excepted or is a lock to win the Masters, but here is a look at a few people I think might be good looks to contend.  (in no particular order)

Tiger Woods
I’m pretty sure at this point I am the only one in the strong defender of Tiger Woods column. I could go on and on about what I think will be mostly meaningless factors that are affecting this line. Instead, I’ll ask WTF is up with that new Tiger commercial? I guess Nike will get a great buzz out of it, but it seems boring and very loosely related to this situation.

Steve Stricker
You know that person that is really good at golf, but never gets mentioned with the top players. That’s Steve Stricker. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be getting as much attention as anyone not named Tiger in this field.

Robert Allenby
Allenby is my sneaky-I-just-have-a-feeling-pick this year. I should mention, I like Perry in this fashion last year and that would have literally ripped my heart out watching Cabrera win. I’m sure Allenby has an equally stellar collapse worked up for us.

Tim Clark
One of the dirty little secrets about Augusta after the changes is that distance matters more. I see no proof for this logic other than the added yardage to the scorecard. I would actually argue, if anything, the opposite is true and shorter hitters have done better. If that is true, I see no reason why Tim Clark(who has a strong history here anyway) can’t finish very high this week.

Hurricane Steve Marino

Everyone hates picking Masters rookies, probably because hate isn’t a strong enough word when thinking about taking Steve Marino. On the off chance Steve keeps his composure in major for three days on a course he doesn’t know, we get to witness Sunday Steve Marino, who is the worst putter in the history of golf.

Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia is to my rankings as Duke is to KenPom, or the Eagles are to FO. He definitely fails the EYETEST!, but the results say he should be good enough to win one of these things sometime.

Kevin Na
Consider Na the cousin of Steve Marino when it comes to underrated players who fall apart in the clutch. Na at least showed more life recently at Bay Hill than Steve would have at Bay Hill.

Be sure to check back all tomorrow, for live odds updates.


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  1. “I’m pretty sure at this point I am the only one in the strong defender of Tiger Woods column”

    Tiger is the one guy we haven’t always agreed on over the last 2 years, but I’ve got lots riding on him in many different ways this week.

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