This weekend is probably my least favorite weekend of NFL Football. It is almost impossible to come up with an angle for these games. Year in and year out, you have the “hot” teams(last weeks winners) taking on the teams that everyone thinks are better than they are. The Jets, Ravens and Cowboys all scored big wins last week, but have fun fading them with the 10-wins-in-a-row-Norv-coached Chargers, Undefeated-when-they-tried Colts and Jesus-led Vikings, respectively.

The closest thing I have to a lean this weekend, is the under in the Saints-Cards game. Don’t see how that one is not a 42-21 game. I think there is a difference between games that look “ugly” and games that legitimately have no shot. File this one closer to the latter.

With that, why not break down the games with some random thoughts and opinions. (Lines from Pinny)

Cardinals @ Saints, Sat 4:30
Saints -7 -102

-My favorite part of last weeks game, aside from Rackers nearly driving me nuts missing that gimme, was how I listened to almost two hours of “Dom Capers is a genius talk” in the pregame shows across all networks, then his defense went out and played awful.

The Packers showed a lot of “creative” 3-4 looks with no down lineman, yet it seemed they always blitzed the same four people they would out of the regular 3 down lineman, 4 linebackers formation. The Cardinals offensive line had NO problems picking up the blitz(they might have just looked really good compared to the sieve that was Green Bay’s O line). Give Warner time and man-to-man coverage and its not surprising he was like 150/138 with 2,342 yds passing and 11 touchdowns.

-Arizona still can’t play defense, though, the Saints had two weeks to come up with a game plan and I’m not sure the Saints will fare much better stopping the Cards. Lean to the under, and opinion on the Saints -7.

Baltimore @ Indy, 8:15 Sat

Colts -6.5 +103

-Baltimore dominated the Pats last week, though I doubt it was really as bad as the 33-14 score might indicate. Flacco looked like Kurt Warner, except the complete opposite.

-This is the most interesting game this weekend with the Ravens D taking on the Colts O. I honestly have no idea or interest in trying to guess who wins that match-up.

-In my mind this game is the ultimate toss-up, but I’d go with the Ravens and the points if I had to take a side.

I’ll get around to the Sunday games later.


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