The Golf season ended on a good note last Saturday morning as Soren held off Sterne to ensure the winning week. Unfortunately he lost to Anders, but at +110 I feel like that was still a good deal. Predictably, less crazy crap has happened to me on round plays now that I have scaled back the units. Frustrating, but I think it was the right thing to do, because I’m not quite as tentative to pull the trigger on plays that I should be making.

Final 2009 and 2008-09 rankings (with spreadsheets) will be posted on Golf Stats sometime this week.

SBS Championship:
I always talk about the upside factor when making plays, so each week I’m going to go back and look at the plays I made at the previous year’s tournament to see if they still make sense.

I would expect that most of them don’t until about the start of summer.

Trahan +6600(.15)
I don’t feel real great about this but, I had to throw one outright out there. Not sure this is quite the course for Trahan, but I definitely like his game.

Solid logic there. That Trahan finished 11th is irrelevant. Against a field as strong as this year’s entries Trahan would be about 40-1. Based on last year’s field over two years he is about 36-1. The logic was terrible, but the pick was probably a good one.

For Match-ups, I had
Leonard -105 v. Love III-Loser
Carl Pettersson -135 v. Chopra-Winner
Ogilvy +120 v. Els-Winner

If I went bank and calculated those odds on 2year rankings it would be Leonard -131, Pettersson -135 and Ogilvy -105. I’d say I actually did a decent job on these, which is surprising considering how I started off last season.

More preview type stuff will be coming in the next few weeks.


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