I was just scrolling through a list of some teams yesterday over on KenPom and I compiled this list of the following games to watch through next Saturday. I also added line guesses, which at this point should only provide some hilarity when Vegas releases their’s.

Dec 15th:
Portland St. v. St. Mary’s
Geuss: Portland St. +19.5
St. Mary’s has been rolling teams so far this year, including wins against Oregon and a blowout on ESPN against San Diego St. I can’t see Portland St. being too popular, but I doubt this game gets much attention, either.

Dec 16th:
Richmond @ South Carolina
Richmond +8
It’s early to take too much meaningful information from KenPom’s numbers but Richmond has beaten Mississippi St.(12), Missouri(13) and Old Dominion(22) so far this season. Don’t go crazy over that but it means Richmond has beat some teams that got off to a hot start this season.

Dec 19th:
Richmond v. Florida
Richmond +4.5
See above.

Old Dominion @ Georgetown
ODU +7.5
G-town has a shiny undefeated record and two good wins in a row(Butler, Washington) plus a win over Temple earlier in the season. ODU has played some decent competition tough, but is coming off a loss to public darling Dayton.

Fordham v. Villanova
Fordham +26
We all know the Villanova story at this point, but Fordham is 2-7 and their leading minute guy and best player has transfered. Good times.

Texas v. UNC
Texas -8.5
I think both these teams are going to be pretty overrated, but one only one of them has a chance of being legitimately good. In related news, Texas has a great chance of plowing through UNC and Michigan St.(Dec 22) in consecutive games before Christmas and being hilariously overrated going forward.

Love the Richmond and ODU games on Saturday, Fordham seems like a guaranteed loser, the Texas line will raise some eyebrows and the rest of the games I mentioned seem pretty marginal for a slow week.



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2 responses to “HOOPS: GAMES OF NOTE

  1. cajuncook

    Maybe I’m alone on this, but I really want to see VMI and their 88.3 adjusted tempo play a game. I don’t think they’re going to be on television ever because they are terrible, but I’m almost tempted to spend the $5 on the Big South (streaming) Network to watch one game.

  2. They always play at a ridiculous tempo(usually around 80) and lead the country in PPG. It will be interesting to see if this is just a small sample size fluke or they can return to the absurd 90 possessions they averaged in 2006-2007.

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