William & Mary 13 (+3.5), ToughnessU 14
If you don’t think luck plays a part in football, you’re wrong. In the first half William and Mary dominated gaining 257 yards to Villanova’s 70. Of course when your average starting position in your own 9.5 yard line, your opponents is the 39.5 yard line and you throw a deflected-bobbled interception after a penalty nullified a near-TD pass, that’s when you only lead 10-0 at the half.

Almost on cue, Villanova came out with a 62 yard touchdown drive on their first drive of the second half and what could have been an easy win turned into a potential remote-thrower. Later, the Wildcats converted on a fake punt, got the benefit of a very disputable video replay reversal and of course ended the game with the ball inside the Tribe 10 yard line threatening the blood pressure of W&M backers everywhere.

It’s safe to say William and Mary probably would have been favored over either team in the national title game, but there probably won’t be any angles for next Friday night in Chattanooga now that ToughnessU is through to the final.

LaSalle +21.5 -110(1)


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