Coincidentally or not, my interest in college baskeball Saturdays has an inverse relationship with the number of college football games played that weekend. First though, the two college games this weekend.

Villanova -3.5 against William and Mary is a pretty funny line, since its hard to believe these two teams are approximately equal when Villanova beat W&M 28-17 earlier this season, is coming off a 46-7 win over UNH and Villanova has been ranked near the top spot all season long. Look a little closer and William and Mary outgained Villanova(472-283) significantly in the first meeting and actually had a better net yardage in CAA games this season. I haven’t appropriately counted for the basketball toughness carry over factor yet, but W&M in a nationally televised game looks like a good idea.

Can’t really say I have much of an opinion on the other one. Obviously, App St. is one of those 1-aa teams you have heard of, but Montana is undefeated, is historically a good program, has been highly ranked all season and is coming off a blowout win. I’d say this looks like a pass.

I guess it’s because it is early, but I really couldn’t come up with any opinions on any of these games tomorrow:

I’ll be looking into the consensus numbers for the following games:
LaSalle v. Kansas
Presbyterian v. UNC

I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something, but it doesn’t look like there is too much of interest tomorrow.


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