First up, I’d like to introduce Golf Stats. The idea is to use it to put up all my rankings type stuff over there, so it’s well organized and easily searchable. All the “analysis” will go on as usual.

Last week
A Hurricane touched down off the Australian coast, unfortunately it was a lot weaker than anticipated. Elsewhere, Big Shot Bob scored a nice victory in South Africa. Lost a little on the match-ups, but Big Shot Bob carried me through to a winning week. It should be interesting to see going forward how Allenby and Furyk, probably the two best players in the world who haven’t won regularly, react to finally getting a win.

Australian PGA


A lot easier process this week, as Ogilvy is the defending champ and Steve Marino is going off at 45-1. It’s safe to say, though, that there is nothing that happened while Steve was approximately 65-over par last week that really changed how he should be valued.

Hurricane Steve -110 v. Scott Strange(2)
Hurricane Steve -130 v. Marc Leishman(1)
Big Shot Bob +105 v. Adam Scott(1)

You can argue with me that Adam Scott has fully returned to his form from last year that had him ranked in the top-3 of the world. I’ll tell you that Big Shot Bob was a better player round for round in each of the last two years, despite more wins from Adam Scott.

Leishman is still getting too much credit for three good weeks during the FedEx playoffs with that line. Normally wouldn’t care about Strange, but he has won on the European Tour and seemed to be pretty overrated when I last heard his name at the Volvo Match Play.

Dunhill Championship

TOP 20

This event feels like everything would be a force. If I had to narrow it down to one guy, I would say Oliver Fisher, who has some talent, but generally played like garbage this year after a promising 2008. I’d still like to see some signs of life first, or wait for a tournament with some bigger names.


Schwartzel v. Els seems okay, but close enough to a fair line that I’ll pass. Another one that interested me was Cabrera Bello over Molinari, considering the last time I saw him he was dancing around like an idiot at the Omega World Cup. Again, I think that is pushing it for such a weak event. There are better things I can be doing than refreshing this pretty weak scoreboard.

I doubt I’ll get involved with the Shark Shootout, but if I do, I’ll post it tomorrow.


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  1. “I doubt, I’ll get involved with the Shark Shootout”


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