Well done, BCS.

You managed to take a season with legitimate questions surrounding the top-4 teams(easily Bama, Texas, TCU and UF) and put the teams in an arrangement that perfectly covers your ass.

Well done.

Consider the likely scenario, Texas or Alabama wins the national title, one of them is obviously undefeated. Cincinnati is put in the worst possible match-up for them, what should be a blowout for Florida. Then, obviously, TCU or Boise State will remain undefeated, but they have never been given a chance to knock off a BCS AQ school, thus putting a series dent in any potential they should be the real national champion. Just a total cop-out from the BCS, but they make a lot of money off the perception that they pick a national champion*, so it makes sense.

*In fairness, I have always thought the BCS system is better than a playoff for determining a national champion as almost always it puts the best team in the title game, which is not the case in playoff system(See Arizona v. Pittsburgh in last year’s Super Bowl). This is blatantly wrong this year in that neither Bama, Texas or UF appeared to be traditional powerhouses that normally sit atop the rankings and TCU is the strongest non-AQ team in relation to the field I have ever seen. The match-ups are a slap in the face to what could be some interesting showdowns.

Consider the BCS could have pitted TCU-Florida, Cincy-Iowa and Boise State-Georgia Tech. I’ll throw down a quick and probably conservative estimate and give TCU(35%), Cincy(70%) and Boise(40%) in this scenario and there is almost a 10% chance that there are 4 undefeated teams when the season is done.

As it stands there is a 100% chance of multiple undefeateds, but only a small chance that Cincy wins and causes any real outrage. Let’s face it, as much as I like the Horned Frogs and feel bad for them, there will be far from a national outcry on their behalf.

So, when you wonder why the BCS put down so many terrible match-ups this year and will likely suffer decreased attendance and tv ratings, just remember they make take a hit this year, but its better in their minds of taking the risk the of undermining the whole system with multiple undefeated teams.

Like I said, well done.

Nebraska 12(+14), Texas 10
I think that instant replay call at the end of the Texas-Nebraska game was quite possibly the worst call I ever seen all season.

True, the ball did hit the ground out of bounds with one second clearly showing on the clock. So, it should have been one second on the clock, right?

Well, no.

If you look at how the clock is run for the rest of the game, the ball hits the ground, the clockmaster sees it, he stops the clock. In that scenario, almost always one additional second, at least, rolls off the clock. Of course, the only play that is reviewed is the one at the end of the game that matters.

The point is, replay should be there to make the game more fair. changing how the game is officiated in the final second does not make the game more fair.

If the NCAA wants to go to the trouble to use video and a speed clock to be exact the entire game, then I’ll honor this call. Until then, this was an absolute robbery by the refs.

Refs -500 W, over opponents of Undefeated BCS teams
See above. Also, with Pitt driving to win late in the game, the refs threw a flag for facemasking on Cincy, got together, discussed it, and picked the flag up. What a joke. How many times do you see a facemask flag picked up? Obviously, there have been many more better examples this season of calls blatantly favoring undefeated teams, but you get the point.

Clemson 34(PK), Georgia Tech(39)
Honestly a pretty even game that if you played 100 times probably goes close to 50-50. The real story of this game was CJ Spiller who should, in my opinion, finish number 2 in the Heisman voting.

Number 1?

That goes to Mr.* Suh. What a performance he put on what I thought was a pretty good Texas offensive line. He was a beast, all over the field, and was the one guy that stuck out with his performance from a sloppy game. He’s also probably the number one pick in the draft, and that is enough to give him my meaningless best player in the country vote.

*Don’t want to try to spell that first name.

Pitt 44(+2), Cincy 45

This Cincy team is terrible. They needed 256 yards of kickoff return yardage from Mardy Gilyard and a Pitt missed extra point to squeak by the Wannstache. Florida should have the talent to on defense to pressure take it to Cincy and if Dion Lewis can run for 194 yards on 47 carries out of the I-formation, I shudder to think what Tebow and Demps are going to do. That’s why a spread of 11 isn’t surprising.

ECU 38(+2.5), Houston 32
Houston had no problem moving the ball, as usual, but they couldn’t really stop the Purple Pirates and 3 of Case Keenum’s insane 75 attempts were intercepted. By the second half of this one, I was comfortable watching the Wannstache blow it in Pittsburgh.

One final note, go join the Contrarianville group on ESPN’s Bowl Mania. Group name is “Contrarianville” and no password is needed


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