I’ll get around to breaking down my thoughts from the weekend, but here’s my first reactions

-Texas +4.5 opener at 5dimes. Hey, I think Texas is as average as anyone, but you can’t convince me that line didn’t move 6-7 points based solely on yesterday’s happenings, which is preposterous. Gut feeling, says that line closes at 3 and I won’t be on Texas.

-Southern Miss, SMU and Cal make up the list of my pre-Christmas leans. None of them very strong.

-Oklahoma will be favored over Stanford in the Sun Bowl, which could raise some eyebrows.

-The BCS bowls are garbage. I could stretch it and say leans to Florida, TCU and Oregon, but I don’t really like any of them.

-I may be missing something, but I don’t thing there are many good match-ups this year. What an awful bowl season. I guess that’s what you get when all of college football is mediocre.



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  1. cajuncook

    6 to 7 points meaning Texas -2.5 or -3.5 to open vs. Alabama? No fucking way.

  2. I think Texas would have been 2.5 point favorites against Alabama before yesterday. I think people really thought Texas was truly a powerhouse this year, which they are not.

    • cajuncook

      You might be right, but that seems excessive from my poorly informed perspective. I’d love to see line comparison from late-season games, though.

  3. In regards to Texas-Alabama, I thought some more about this and determined you are at least partially right, Cajun. Assuming last week never happened, and Alabama and Texas met on a neutral field I think its safe to assume Texas would have been 1.5-2.5 point favorites.

    However, for the Texas-Alabama game to occur Alabama would have to beat Florida, who in the books opinion was clearly the strongest team, in the SECCG. So, I think in practice, for Alabama to get to the national title game they would at least be considered equal to or better than Florida. In that case, they are probably small favorites. Obviously, Saturday’s happenings combined drove that line up to the 4.5-5 range.

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