I made up this chart comparing all the big championship games participants in games against common opponents:

Obviously a day late and a dollar short on that one as I didn’t get around to finishing up this post yesterday. I’m excited to see Oregon take on tOSU in the Rose Bowl, because I love watching Oregon’s offense and I think tOSU might have a shot of slowing it down a bit.

The danger of looking at these comparisons is that it is only five or six games. At best, it is a small slice of these teams season’s at worst it is a misrepresentation. The benefit is obviously that it is basically against the same strength of competition.

In my opinion, I would set Clemson as even or slightly better than Georgia Tech. But, this comparison alone doesn’t indicate relative clunkers against Maryland and South Carolina that are obviously a part of who they are as a team.

Lean to Clemson, but I’d like to be getting points or have a plus number on the moneyline and I’m not sure that will happen.

Big 12:
I wish I did this before putting Nebraska in earlier this week. Nebraska’s performance against their common opponents with Texas is less that impressive.

That obviously doesn’t include a pretty decent performance on the road against Virginia Tech and I still think Texas is over-rated, but I would have waited, because my opinion of Nebraska as a quitely dangerous may not be as accurate as I would have liked.

I have Nebraska +14 right now, so I’m just hoping that it moves under two touchdowns, which seems pretty unlikely.

I don’t know what to say about this game. Alabama probably compares favorably to the over-rated squad they had last year. Florida is clearly not as good. The line seems pretty fair for the biggest game ever!

Cincinnati may be the better team, and they are undefeated, but Pitt at home getting points is more than worth it to me. They will definitely be less popular and aren’t that much worse. I’m definitely excited for the possibility of Pitt and Clemson making BCS games this year.

Other lean:
Big12 Under


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  1. Congrats on the Allenby W.

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