I really could’nt have cared less about the Tiger situation until I realized the amount of unintentional comedy that is going to take place this week as Golf Channel announcers struggle to deal with what should be a “Tiger is the best person alive, look at all the stuff his foundation does for charity” slobber fest and the allegations about his affairs.

Note to the Golf Channel, considering I watched at least a little of all the Fall Series events, it probably doesn’t speak to highly of your announcers that I don’t know their names.

Chevron World Challenge
I think the odds are pretty well set this week. I originally liked Kim, but I thought he was higher than 10-1. At that price, it’s a no go in my opinion. Stricker and Perry are the only two you could convince me might have value, but I don’t want to be taking risks on two well known American players that are getting up in their 40s.

Camilo Villegas -105 v. Poulter(1)
GMAC -120 v. Y.E. Yang(1)

Thought G-Mac might slide up a little, considering Yang twittered that he was feeling sick on the week, just traveled back from China last week and generally is not that good. The line has yet to move. G-Mac is coming back from China as well, but he is a lot stronger overall than Yang.

I can’t get away from Camilo. He has been driving me nuts lately, but I think he is definitely better than Poulter, with more upside and isn’t returning from playing in China last week.

Hurricane Steve Marino tees off at 12:20 local time, which I think is 9:20 EST tonight.


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