Chicago 10(+10.5), Minnesota 36
Jay Cutler is the worst quarterback in the NFL. I’m pretty sure when you take a huge douchebag, give him a really good arm and tell him he is God’s gift to football for 20 some years. A.K.A. a stupid quarterback with terrible mechanics and a penchant for making bad decisions.

In related news, I can’t figure out why the Bears left so many recievers open across the middle. First, you have to credit the Minnesota offensive line, which did a nice job protecting Favre, but what was Chicago thinking on D?

Brett Favre has the reputation of a gunslinger, and its like the Bears were fooled into thinking he was going to throw deep all game. If it was up to me, I’d get up on the receivers, challenge all the short and crossing routes and dare Brett to beat you deep. It’s possible he could, but I think that is the weakest link in a overall very solid offense.

St. Louis 17(+3), Seattle 27
Classic Rams. Out-gain the opponent by almost 100. Lose. This Rams team has shown a lot of life for a 1-11 squad. Assuming they don’t do anything crazy as an overreaction of a terrible record in the off-season, I think they are a leading candidate for terrible team to make a playoff run next year.

Tampa Bay 17(+12), Atlanta 20
You know luck is not on your side when you out-gain a division rival on the road, knock out their starting QB early in the game and still manage to lose. I’m glad that this spread was 12, because I would be less than happy if a Chris Redman game winning TD drive blew it.

New Orleans 38, Patriots 17 (Under 56)
Sometimes you just have to laugh. New Orleans scored 4 times in under 4 minutes, the teams combined for 34 points at half time, but thanks to a missed Jon Carney field goal late and Belichick surrendering with 5 minutes left, this ended up at 55. Just a bit lucky.

-Vince. Young. Just. Wins. Football. Games.

5 weeks ago, I think, I was saying Tennessee was the most underrated team in the NFL. Now, with Vince Young acting as the patron saint of gunslinging, having fun and just winning, that is probably not true.

I was struck by a question to Vince last Monday night. “Vince, you guys are 4-0, since you started, what changed?”

Predictably, Vince chose the standard athlete cliches to answer. But, it’s important to note what actually changed. So, I made this chart:

1)Easier schedule. More home games, worse opponents in terms of net yards.
2) Better Luck. In the Before Vince era Tennessee lost in OT to Pittsburgh on the road, lost a toss up style game to Houston at home, lost a toss up style game on the road to the Jets and out-gained but lost to the Jaguars on the road. In the After Vince era, they 3-0 on games entering the 4th quarter tied, including the Monday night win on a missed field goal.

This has pretty much been the same team all year, I doubt Vince has made as big a difference as the two factors listed above.

Tennessee isn’t fooling anyone anymore. People realize they are good. However, I’m thinking this team coming off a 7-9ish season might fool a lot of people next year with how good they really are. File them as my early, “somewhat crazy pick to win the AFC in 2010.”

Both the Saints and Colts have a pretty good chance of going undefeated. I pulled these lines from SBET and used the SBR spread to moneyline calculator.

First look, like the Redskins, Chiefs, Browns maybe Giants next week.


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