But first a couple of changes to the golf process:
-Outright picks will no longer be posted on the blog, though you can find them in C-ville. The concept of a blog is best suited for thoughts and discussion and too often I feel like the sometimes arbitrary means of picking a winner(see Dubai WC) just gets in the way of that. Instead, I’ll talk about the issues and players that need to be discussed and not worry about fitting it into my all too often meaningless reasons for taking one player over another.

-The Big Shot Bob/Camilo debacle really got me thinking. As my thinking currently stands, I don’t think there is any way that I was wrong in doing that, but I have been proven to be wrong before. So, I’m going to be keeping a much closer eye on the in-running odds. My in tournament process has been far from consistent ranging from don’t bother(minor European events) to go nuts(Dubai WC). The idea is to change that. I don’t expect this to effect the amount of in-running action(very minimal) in the short term, but it should be pretty enlightening by midway through next season.

I’ve also debated do I need to keep losing on individual round plays? I’ve made plenty of mistakes on them, but I’m not sure banning myself from playing them is the right call. The plan is to step down the risk level to .5 units for the time being. Hopefully this keeps me paying attention and limits the risk from the wild variance that occurs over 18 holes of golf.

Last Week
Omega World Cup- The USA(16-1) was marginal at best, but, you don’t get many chances to be patriotic in international golf. Though a -10 in alternate shot was probably the best round of the tournament, they did record a triple bogey in best ball. Good work, boys. The Swedes(+105)with their two better players had a pretty easy time with the English. I only wish I added Sweden +105 over Tiger’s rear windshield as well.

Aussie Open
I keep hearing two things about this tournament: A) The New South Wales course is really hard and B) It’s going to be windy. The fact that the course is hard and applies to everyone does not change my thinking at all. Neither does the wind. Now the wind may be a factor, but I am certainly not going to try and guess who is good in the wind on the off chance that some random local news forecaster half the world away actually got it right. As always, I’m looking for someone who is underrated based on their overall level of play.

Geoff Ogilvy: You have to put him being the top-line favorite as a serious question mark, but he is legitimately the best player in the field. He’s not exactly tearing it up lately either with a poor finish in the Aussie Masters and people seem to have forgotten the hot start at the beginning of 2009. There are a lot of players in this field that I don’t have 40 rounds on, but if my estimation is as accurate as it appears based on the Vegas line then 9-1 is a generous price for the only real world class player in the field.

Steve Marino: Marino is debateably world class, although it would be nice to see him show up on Sunday for once. You got to be careful with Marino, because like Noren he has a tendency of popping up on more people’s radars than you think, but considering it’s been awhile since he had a good(not a win) on the PGA Tour and his last start was a poor showing in China, I think he is back to being under-rated Steve.

Nada. Aren’t enough good players here to have someone worth fading.


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