Syracuse 31(+13.5), UConn 56
I checked this scores on my phone and Cuse was trailing 42-31 with about 2 minutes left. UConn decided to score twice in the final minute including on a 28 yard pass that covered the spread.

Illinois 36(+20.5), Cincinnati 49
Illinois became the second team(Fresno St.) to out-gain Cincinnati this year, furthering my belief that Cincinnati deserves no part of the BCS. Let’s go Pitt.

Oklahoma 27(-9.5), Oklahoma St. 0
Total domination from the Sooners. Oklahoma held their instate rivals to just 109 yards of total offense. Records aside, OU might be the best team in the Big 12 this year. I know if you gave me the 3 points they were getting at the Cotton Bowl against Texas again next week, I’d take that in a heartbeat.

Mississippi St. 41(+7.5), Ole Miss 27
Solid culmination to the career of Jevan Snead. 17/29 3TDs, 3INT. It’s safe to say he probably won’t be a very good pro quarterback.

Random Thoughts
-Charlie Weis should not be fired.

Don’t confuse that with Charlie Weis is a great coach. But, he is not bad enough to pay him 18 million dollars to NOT coach your team.

Notre Dame only played one cupcake(Wazzou, neutral site) and still managed to out-gain 8 of their 12 opponents. They were actually pretty good on offense, too. If you asked me, this was actually a better Notre Dame team than they have had in the past few years.

Of course, they have had some terrible luck in close games, and Weis has probably made some questionable decisions. The point is, with a few breaks the other way this could easily be a 10-2 incredibly overrated BCS team.

Weis certainly has his flaws, namely a pretty poor defense. However, I don’t think anyone ever confused him with a defensive mastermind and he’d never been a head coach before. But, it’s doubtful Notre Dame will do better, or at least improve enough to justify buying out Weis.

It seems to me, firing Weis would be an 18 million dollar failure of results-based decision making.

I’m convinced that TCU should get a shot in the National Title game. It’s hard to believe that we have so many undefeated teams this year with the mediocrity at the top, but neither Texas nor Florida nor Alabama are as good as the top of the last few years.

In comparison, TCU is probably the strongest mid major ever in relation to the rest of the field. Say what you want about their schedule, but they are dominating teams. Not squeaking by 2008 Boise State style, but absolutely killing the garbage of the MWC.

Texas is garbage, Florda is garbage, Alabama is garbage, let’s get TCU in the title game. The Horned Frogs will probably be the biggest snub in the history of the BCS(which usually does a better job of putting 1-2 together than a playoff system).

I think it’s going to be pretty simple: Clemson, Nebraska and Pittsburgh. Lean to Florida in the SEC title game, but that seems like a pretty fair line.


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