Utah State 21(+20), Boise State 51
This one was over as soon as a somewhat errant Diondre Borel pass was knocked up into the air and intercepted on the first drive. Otherwise the best part of the game was Joe Tessitore picking #Limpcock for his weekly fantasy team. Speaking of, guess who is getting less than two touchdowns from Boise next week?

Syracuse 31(+10), Rutgers 13
Surprisingly, Syracuse outgained Rutgers by 294 yards and Greg Paulus celebrated Senior Graduate student day in style completing 13 of 16 passes for 142 yards, a touchdown and NO interceptions. We hardly knew ya, Greg.

Cal 34(+7), Stanford 28
This game got me wondering how exactly Toby Gerhardt is a good college football player. I mean, he has great stats and all, but I seriously doubt he is a better player than CJ Spiller in the NFL next year.

Tampa Bay 7(+10), New Orleans 38
Order has been restored. New Orleans nearly puts up 40, and rolls over some terrible team like the spread was 14 points to low.

Cleveland 37(+3), Detroit 38
Does it get any worse if you are a Browns fan? Stafford ran around in circles for about 15 seconds, chucked it up to the end zone and the Browns decided that instead of knocking it down they would tackle all the Detroit recievers. That worked out well, until Stafford, with separated shoulder, threw a touchdown pass from the 1 on the next play. Luckily for me, TDs are still only worth 7.

Kansas City 27(+11), Pittsburgh 24 OT
Once KC was down 17-7 at the half, I already had this one in the category reserved for the Rams and Tampa Bay, but KC got it to overtime and never really threatened to lose by 11 from there.

Baltimore 15(+105), Indianapolis 17
Baltimore should have won this game. I really hope the Colts keep winning until the playoffs and get a rematch with the Patriots. This team is just not as good as everyone thinks.

Seattle 9(+10), Minnesota 35
Seattle is only laying 2 to the Rams next week.

St Louis 13(+9), Arizona 21
I’m glad because the Rams covered and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, but I’m not sure how a 1-8 team justifies kicking a field goal from the 2 yard line. Oh well, as long as they remain somewhat competent they can keep losing.

Oakland 20(+10), Cincinnati 17
While Tom Cable was busy slapping around women, I could have told him in week 2 that Bruce Gradkowski would be a better option for his team.

Chicago 20(+3), Philadelphia 24
Now that JaMarcus is gone, Cutler takes over the mantle of worst quarterback in the league. Apparently, tired of throwing passes to the other team, Cutler decided it would be easier to just overthrow everyone by 10 yards. At least they weren’t picks.

Juice +18? Really? That seems pretty high.
Auburn +12
Colorado +8.5-might be a week late on the Buffs. Glad, I decided to go 0-8 on Dubai instead.
Nevada +12-Catching up with Chris Ault.
Cuse +12.5- Pretty sure Paulus won’t be bowl eligible so this could be the last money wagered on him.
Miss St. +7.5-Guaranteed MSU has a better coach than Les Miles
Georgia +7-Waiting for the ACC Champ.

Cleve +13.5
Oakland +13.5
Rams +2
Tampa Bay +12.5
Pats +3, MNF U
Bears +10.5


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