#12 Cal 70(+3.5), #15 tOSU 76
Don’t be fooled by the somewhat close score in this game. After the 6:44 mark in the first half, Cal never had it within the number again.

VCU 82(+3.5), #17 Oklahoma 69
Leading by 10 at half time with a robust 7-15 shooting performance from beyond the arc in the first half(OU was 2-12) this smelled like a sure defeat to me. Not surprisingly VCU cooled off in the second half from three(2-10) but Oklahoma stayed cold shooting a UCLA-like 5-26 from beyond the arc. OU wasn’t all that good from beyond the arc last year, so it could be a long year without Griffin inside.

Ole Miss 67(+3.5), #6 Villanova 79

This one had all the makings of all those one-sided early season contests that look unpopular, but in the end have no chance of winning. It wasn’t exactly that, but I officially gave up after the first three offensive for Villanova gave them an 8-0 lead with two shots made off offensive rebounds and a three pointer off a turnover. Unofficially, I kept coming back between Bears commercials and witnessed a pretty terrible game in between. I’ll leave the toughness factor of Villanova up to Jay Bilas, but I’m willing to say there are easily 6 better teams in College Hoops.

I’d say Colorado looks pretty good tomorrow afternoon(3 PM EST), after Gonzaga challenged what should be an over-rated Michigan St. team on ESPN last week.

YTD results: 3-4 -1.19


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