This season has evolved into one big mediocre blob that can only be rescued by TCU hoisting the BCS crystal.

Colorado +17 v. Okie State
I just checked the line movement at W-Line, which is probably wrong and saw that this one jumped from 14.5 to 19, then back to 17. That seems highly improbable. I remember seeing 19 earlier, in which case I’ll probably lay off at 17. Needs further investigation.

Utah St. +23 v. Boise State
Another downward move in this one makes it less attractive. While Boise State is probably overrated, I get the feeling there isn’t as much of a gap between them and this year’s mediocre top level of CFB as their was last year with legitimately good teams.

Cal +7 v. Stanford
Stanford is 2-0(+ 43 pts.) against teams that beat Cal 42-3 and 30-3,respectively. When those two teams happen to be Oregon and USC and Stanford beat them in consecutive weeks, I think this is worth a look.

Syracuse +9.5 v. Rutgers
I left this off the intial list, because I was assuming Rutgers as a favorite on the road would not be that popular. I guess the power of Greg Paulus never disappoints. Well, unless he is trying to play quarterback or defend Ty Lawson.

Arizona looks alright by the early wagerline consensus numbers, but that game fails to stir any strong opinions in me. Michigan St seems okay too, although Penn State has failed in some pretty big time match-ups and I don’t really think people perceive them as the powerhouse they did earlier. Still like Ole Miss, but that line has jumped up, it’s not that unpopular and they won big last week. That all combines for a solid pass.

Other than that, I just don’t see all that much out there. That could be a good thing because the NFL looks to be pretty busy this week.



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  1. “That seems highly improbable.”

    It’s accurate. It actually opened at -13.5 at The Greek. A lot of it probably had to with questions surrounding the availability of Zac Robinson.

  2. Thanks. I was skeptical with the history wagerline has.

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