Smart Coaches* getting criticized by dumb people
Think Bill Belichick was the only coach who is getting wrongly criticized for going for it on fourth down? Wrong.

Albeit, in front of a much smaller audience, Bill Stewart made the call to go for it on a fourth and 8, from the Cincinnati 24 yard line, down by 7 points.

Bill Stewart made the right call. Of course, it ended up being a field goal game and the announcers were killing Stewart. The fact is a 37ish yard field goal is far from a gaurantee in College Football. Stewart absolutely made the right call.

The real travesty of the game was the over-turned fumble call at the goal line earlier in the game. On the field it was called a fumble recovered by WVU. Now the ball may or may not have crossed the goal line. To say there was indisputable video evidence that it did, is a joke. There is clearly no such phrase as “indisputable video evidence,” instead it is “we always give the benefit of the doubt to the undefeated team in our conference.”

I only bring up this mini rant because in two weeks Cincinnati plays Illinois. JUICE!!!

*I’m not sure I’m prepared to call Bill Stewart a smart coach, but in this case he made the right call.

TCU Watch

Another week, another dominating performance from TCU. Now, it’s safe to say that Utah was not the 16th best team in the country(or close to it), but TCU just absolutely rolled over them. Every week I become more and more convinced that this team could compete with the mediocre top-3 of Florida, Texas and Alabama.

TCU’s front 7 on defense is very good. They gamble with a lot of man to man coverage on the edges, but if they could contain the running game against Florida or Alabama, I think it’s safe to say they will take the risk of those two passing games beating them.

The big misnomer about TCU is that they are a defense dominated team like in year’s past. The defense is good and the front four is athletic, but I think the strength of the team is the spread offense that they run. It should be a challenge for even more athletic defenses to stop.

Potential Future Game of the Week
Every Saturday at about 730 I get excited about one potential future game. With Clemson sitting as 20 point favorites over Virginia the ACC Champ game is going to be awesome. Also, Ohio State clinched the big 10, I’ll be rooting for Stanford to set up a ridiculous Rose Bowl showdown(+5?). If you want a game that is guaranteed to happen, try Illinois v. Cincinnati in a few weeks.

Ole Miss -3 v. LSU
Duke +17.5 v. Miami
Cal +7 v. Stanford
Utah State +25 v. Boise State(FRIDAY)


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