Obviously Unpopular
St. Louis +13.5 v. New Orleans
Same line that was set during the disastrous week 7 when Indy visited St. Louis, so it’s not hard to understand why it is 13.5 against a similarly valued team. Oh wait, St. Louis wasn’t even close to covering that game. In most people’s eyes Indy=New Orleans, and this will be a week 7 do-over.

Washington +3.5 v. Denver
Sometimes it doesn’t matter what happens the week before when it is on National television. That sometimes happens to be when Jason Campbell is leading the offense. I heard Aaron Schatz from FO say this week that Campbell will be a league average quarterback somewhere else, which is probably a fair point, but that doesn’t help the fact that Washington has an offensive line in shambles and no real weapons on offense.

Carolina +1.5 v. Atlanta
Atlanta is mediocre, no likes to back Jake Delhomme. That sums that up. Interesting point on Atlanta, while they do in fact appear to be mediocre, they are 5-3 and their 2nd half schedule is much easier, in terms of average opponents net yardage. They could be this year’s bad team that sneaks into the playoffs gets a home game and is only favored by a point.

Cleveland +10.5 v. Baltimore(MNF)
Cleveland is like Washington in that you never hear anything good said about them, except they have no redeeming qualities like Washington’s defense. When you look at it Baltimore hasn’t been as impressive as the hype they have recieved. The problem is Cleveland is awful. They are dead last in the league in net yards and net turnovers. That is not a good combination.

Detroit +16.5 v. Minnesota
This line is pretty high for it to be really unpopular it seems like most people are hesitant to lay 16.5 points in an NFL game. Still Detroit is the pick, because I’m not touching Brett Favre against a team that lost to the Rams.

Chiefs +1.5 v. Raiders
I think the Cheifs are better(so does Vegas). Not much here, either, but the Chiefs out-gained(and lost) to the Raiders by a ton the first time around, so I’m going with the Chiefs.

Seattle +8.5 v. Arizona
This one is marginal, but I think most people think Seattle is terrible and Arizona is the defending NFC Champ. Some angle here, but I think come Sunday it is a pass.

Green Bay +2.5 v. Dallas
The always solid, popular team coming off a prime time win facing a team that lost to Tampa Bay last week. Honestly, I’m shocked that Green Bay isn’t less popular although it is possible they were overrated before last week.

Patriots +2.5 v. Indy
The marquee game of the NFL season so far. Everyone is all over Peyton and the season he is having, but I’m not ready to fall over and proclaim them the best team in the NFL just yet. I would say that despite being 2 losses worse New England is the better team. My opinion may or may not be meaningless, but the extra 1.5 points from ESPN is worth something.

Line value

Miami -9.5 v. Tampa Bay
This is a disappointing game, because Tampa Bay was terrible until last week and everyone is falling over themselves calling Miami the best 3-5 team, which may be true. With the Colts, Pats and Saints already on the schedule, Miami has really had a brutal run in the first half of the season. Their schedule eases over the second half of the season and they could make a legitimate run at the playoffs(I’m not sure this is a huge surprise to anyone). That is all irrelevant for this one, though, as I find enough to dislike with Tampa coming off the win, Miami’s loss last week and getting the extra .5 points(-10 -105 at Pinny) to make Miami the pick.

New York Jets -6.5 v. Jacksonville
Tennessee -6.5 v. Buffalo
Currently sitting at -7 -105/-107 at Pinny is enough to take the Jets and Titans respectively in games I otherwise have no opinions about.

Pittsburgh -6.5 v. Cincinnati
Good luck trying to find an angle on this one. I personally think both are overrated, so I’ll go with Pitt(-7 +101), who is slightly less popular.

Philadelphia +2.5 v. San Diego
Current Pinny Line: +1 +100/-108.

Right now looks like:
Possibly Seattle.


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