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I added a few columns this week. OPP NET YDs= Opponents Net yards. ADJ NET=Net yardage+ Opponent net yardage.

One of the thing I noticed was that the “top” teams overwhelmingly have easy schedules and the “bottom” teams overwhelmingly have had hard schedules so far. I wonder if the percieved gap between the top and bottom in the NFL this year is just an early coincidence that good teams have had an easy schedule and bad teams have had a hard schedule.

Underrated Team of the Week:
Thought about going with the Redskins, because everyone thinks they suck, but they are two pick 6s away from covering and out-gaining opponents in their last two games. Instead, I’ll take the Titans.

The Titans have had the hardest schedule in the league in terms of opponents yards game. Obviously, after the last two weeks they aren’t quite as underrated as before, but still the Titans are probably an average or maybe above average team despite a 2-6 record and being out-scored by over 10pts per game.

It’s hard to say there will be any oppurtunities on the Titans going forward. As far as games go, Houston next week on MNF, considering how Houston just played Indy will probably be a good option. Also, a rematch with Indy will probably be a good spot. Other than that, the Titans have a much easier schedule going forward. I would not be surprised to see this team finish 8-8 at all, but I can’t really see any current futures on the Titans having value considering they are so far behind right now.

Overrated team of the Week:
I Could talk about Minnesota who seems to be getting by on smoke and mirrors and Percy Harvin. I feel like they are incredibly overrated considering what they have done on the field and who they have played, but that is too obvious and I’ve already discussed them before.

I guess that leaves the Cowboys. The main reason I pick them is the win over the Eagles on Sunday night. The Cowboys are probably good, but I still don’t think they are better than the Giants. Root for them to beat the Packers, and there should be some good opportunities to fade them with Redskins, Raiders and Giants in consecutive weeks.

St. Louis
Tampa Bay

Sound familiar?


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