For the second straight week, this is a less than stellar NFL lineup. That is a little surprising to me after the books took a big hit on that infamous Sunday that probably left about 4 teams incredibly overrated.

As always, the lines are from ESPN’s pigskin pick’em.

Contrarian Options:
Washington +10.5 v. Atlanta
I’m pretty sure it has been 2 solid weeks since anything positive was said about the Redskins. That’s fine, their offense is terrible, but they do have a legitimately good defense and out-gained the Eagles their last time out. I guess Atlanta hanging with New Orleans on Monday Football convinced the public Atlanta is better than they are.

Tampa Bay +10.5 v. Green Bay
Tampa Bay is awful and everyone knows it. Makes this easy enough.

I’m not gonna lie, the rest of this card is flat out awful. So, here are the rest of the picks broken down into three categories:

Line Value:
Houston +9.5 v. Indianapolis
Carolina +14.5 v. New Orleans
Dallas +3.5 v. Philadelphia
Denver +3.5 v. Pittsburgh

Baltimore -2.5 @ Cincy
New England -10.5 v. Miami
Kansas City +6.5 @ Jacksonville
Seattle -10.5 v. Detroit
New York Giants -4.5 v. San Diego
Tennessee +4.5 @ San Francisco

Chicago -3.5 v. Arizona

If you want to discuss one of those games I breezed by, feel free to call me out in the comments, but I don’t see how any of those games are playable or worth discussing at the moment.



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2 responses to “EHH

  1. someguy

    I think maybe a case could be made for a bet on Tennessee. 84% on SF at Sportsbook, 72% at SIA. Plus it opened at 5.5 and dropped down to 4. Plus, I think the average person has a good opinion of SF (started hot, almost beat Minn and Indy last week) and a bad opinion of TN (Vince Young on the road, started 0-6) and will see this as “just 4.” Maybe it’s a force, but I know the idea of Vince Young on the road getting only 4 points seems ugly to me.

    Let me know what you think.

  2. Yeah, I somewhat agree. The two knocks I have are you are now about 3% less likely to win that then when it opened at 5.5 and Tennessee was pretty good last week even though Vince really didn’t have much to do with it.

    Tennessee is definitely the right side, but I think it is pretty marginal compared to the other two and what I have played so far this season.

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