Friday Night:
La Tech +21 v. Boise State:
Seems pretty marginal to me for a game involving Boise State. The big factor here could be Friday night on T.V., but I’m not totally comfortable with it. The wagerline splits on the OVER are pretty absurd, but that needs some further research as well.

Baylor +14 @ Missouri
The wagerline splits on this were a great surprise to me. I didn’t even notice this game on the first run through, but given what I saw in one game against a Chris Ault coached team, I will be all too happy to fade the Tigers.

Purdue +6 @ Michigan
Purdue is one of those much better than their record indicates 3-6 teams. I was worried that mystique of this Michigan team, might have been broken by the Juice last week, but I guess the public is willing to forgive a loss to such a talented team.

Syracuse +21 v. Pittsburgh
Another week where you could make a strong case for the breakfast trio of Paulus, Baylor and Juice.

Illinois +7 v. Minnesota
As much as I like Juice and his Michael Vick like throwing abilities, I think this one might be a force on a not necessarily overrated Minnesota team. If it’s on TV and Pam Ward is announcing, maybe.

Nebraska +4
v. Oklahoma
Absurd splits aside, I might pass this one. The line is down a few points since I last looked. On top of that, I’m not convinced that Oklahoma is a terribly overrated team playing with a back-up quarterback named “Landry.” I guess Nebraska hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire in their last three outings, but the two strikes above make this far from the gauranteed play it looked like early on.

Stanford +7 v. Oregon
I can’t make up my mind on this Oregon team. They have to be good, but the loss to Boise State sticks out like a sore thumb. That said, I can make up my mind that this will be a play.

Arizona St. +10
v. USC
Under normal circumstances I think this would be automatic. Unfortunately, USC doesn’t usually get blown out and out-gained by 300 on national television.

I think that’s about it for stuff I will consider.

Random Babblings
Clemson -8 was an option, but I don’t see any reason to get invovled on a strong hunch when the line has moved up a point and a half. Alabama down to -7.5 is tempting, too, because the gist I have gotten from ESPN this week is that LSU could keep that game close like Tennessee did. Unjustified opinion against terribly overrated Iowa, but I think they are a better option as underdogs at Ohio State in much higher profile game.

In the small schools, Villanova +1 against Richmond seems almost playable. Richmond is the defending national champion, undefeated so far this season and they are giving less than a field goal at home. I normally like to just follow this if I get bored and for the playoffs, but I could see myself playing this one.


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