Nothing obvious sticks out. My edge on Tiger is about the same as it was before the tournament, so the books opinions haven’t changed drastically of him. I expect that to change if he moves up the leaderboard over the weekend.

Round 2:
Big Shot Bob -110 v. Ryo Ishikawa(1)
This one is obvious. There will probably be a day when this is a laughable price the other way, but that is a few years down the road. Allenby is one of the best 30 or so golfers in the world. Ryo, all hype aside, is not.

Having an internal debate about Watney against Moore because he shot the low round on the course and that’s not something I usually like to take. Also, Cink v. Yang is another option, but I’m not crazy about taking Cink. Considering the ridiculous stuff that has happened to me on 18 holers I’ll probably just go conservative and pass.


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