4-1 for the week was a pleasant surprise although I could have done without the typical Monday night shenanigans.

Weekly edition of stats copied from

Underrated team of the week:
I’ll go with the New York Giants this week. In terms of yards per game they are in the top-3 of the league. Currently sitting at #15 on ESPN’s latest power rankings because of some big losses, I am going to say that is too low.

Not sure what to make of the Giants schedule so far as they have played some really good teams(NO, Phi) some mediocre ones(Dallas, ‘Zona) and some bad ones(TB, KC, Oak, Wash). Eli has been pretty terrible in his last few games, but you would have to think that changes.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure we will have a chance to take advantage of this unless you want to make a marginal play on the Giants favored by 6ish against Atlanta in a few weeks, which leads nicely to this:

Overrated team of the Week:
That would be the Atlanta Falcons. I think most people would say Atlanta is a pretty decent team, especially after they hung with mighty New Orleans on Monday Night.

Atlanta, however, has actually been outgained by their opponents. Interestingly enough, Atlanta is one of three NFL teams who have been outgained this year that also has a positive turnover ratio. I’m not totally sure if that is a result of them being less incompetent than teams like, say the Rams, but I definitely don’t see Atlanta as an NFC wild-card team.

If you really believe Atlanta is overrated, they play the Redskins next week and Carolina after that, so get used to rooting against Matt Ryan.

Washington +10 v. Atlanta
Tampa Bay +10 v. Green Bay

Honestly, that seems like it for the NFL week.



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  1. Or you could force a future like myself. Took the Giants at 30-1, which is still available for quite a bit at Matchbook.

  2. Interesting. Seems like a good price for what’s out there, but wonder if is actually value considering the Giants will have to play 3 games to get to the Super Bowl. I’d imagine 5-6 pt favorites at home in the first game, 3-4 pt dogs on the road in the next two, and then PK-3 pt dogs in the Super Bowl.

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