I thought about putting up another ranking here. Instead, I’ll just put up my thoughts on some possible BCS(read: neutral field) lines:

Florida -9.5 v. TCU
Alabama -5.5 v. TCU
Texas -7 v. TCU
TCU -3 v. Boise State
TCU -3.5 v. Iowa
TCU -4 v. Cincinnati
Florida -4 v. Alabama(SEC Title)

I think the general theme here is that I am becoming a huge fan of TCU. I think they are somewhere greater than 7 and less than 10 points worse than Florida, who is probably the best team in the country.

After that, I’d imagine the USC PK line would raise a lot of eyebrows(although maybe less so than when I originally guessed it on Saturday Afternoon). I just don’t think USC is a good team at all. As far as I can tell, any respect that USC has from Vegas is clearly all on school reputation. PK was my guess prior to Saturday, I might be willing to slide to TCU -1 or -2. I just don’t see how TCU isn’t a better team than USC.

The idea that TCU is better than Boise State, Iowa and Cincinnati is not a novel concept to those who know how to properly value football teams.

I guess that leaves me with Florida, Texas, Alabama and TCU as my top 4 teams.

This week legitimately made me more pissed than last week’s NFL slate. The NFL was just a out-and-out raping. Take a shower, move on. This week in College Football was a huge week turned into a minor profit.

USF, Wake, Illinois all covered easily. Arizona State made it interesting as incompetent teams do, but ended up covering the spread. Then there were these two:

Syracuse and Southern Miss.

Southern Miss let up 750 yards of offense and was on pace to go to overtime with a minute less. That doesn’t speak highly of Houston’s defense. But I digress, this game featured not 1, but 2 missed extra points from Southern Miss. I’ll be generous and say they make 9 out of 10 of those on the season. Not only did they have 2 blocked, but one was returned for the 2 point TD on the other side. This happens what, 5 times a year. Maybe. Of course it happens in a game where I lose ATS by .5 points.

Fortunately, this one wasn’t the one that pissed me off most. That would go to Syracuse. Now, let’s be clear there is a certain amount of incompetence that you expect on Syracuse, so it’s hard to complain about some of the things they do. But, I think Saturday fit the bill. In the first half, Cuse managed to move the ball fairly well, keep Cincy in check sans one big play and was tied 7-7 for awhile.

Then, Cincy lined up for a field goal. Not only was it not a fake, not only was it clearly a botched snap, not only was it a ridiculous-run-around-in-circles-Madden touchdown pass, THERE WERE 3 FREAKING LINEMAN DOWN-FIELD. That is not legal.

After that, it was back to regular, Paulus INT in the endzone, jump ball touchdown from Cincy, etc. Cuse loses by three touchdowns.

I’m not saying Cincy wasn’t clearly the better team. They were. I’m saying take out a couple of fluky(or key. There is nothing fluky about a Paulus interception) plays and ‘Cuse could just have easily have covered the spread in that game.

In typical Commodore fashion, Vanderbilt closed out the night with another awful second half and got blown out. In short this was a 6-1 week that got turned into 4-3, because of a few fluky plays:

Syracuse +19 @ Pittsburgh:
Standard -1x before 1:30 eastern time on Saturday.

Northwestern +17.5@ Iowa:
A tale of two fourth quarters put this one on my radar.

Wake Forest +14.5 @GT:
Wake looked pretty good last week, but Georgia Tech “looked” really good in winning by a lot and scoring a lot of points.

Alabama -9 v. LSU:
Probably will be pretty split action, but I still think the Tigers are pretty overrated.

Penn St -3.5 v. tOSU:
Another one that is all opinion.

Stanford +5 v. Oregon:
I mean this one isn’t even fair. Oregon just blew out and out-gained USC by like 300 yards and you can’t even get a TD against Oregon.

Tulsa/Houston UNDER:
I think Tulsa was up in the 70’s for their bowl game last year. I’d imagine this one would be up there too considering these two teams reputation for not playing defense and the fact that Houston put up 750 yards of total offense against Southern Miss last week.

I’m assuming La Tech will be an option on Friday night as well.



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  1. “Stanford +5 v. Oregon”

    By far the ugliest line of the week to me.

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