Look Contrarian:
Carolina +10 @ Arizona
Jake Delhomme is terrible, Buffalo got rocked by Carolina last week, Arizona coming off a big win against the Giants on Sunday night, strong consensus numbers.

Buffalo +3.5 v. Houston:
Just going by the Wagerline consensus, I am not at all sold on this game. I can’t see Houston being terribly overvalued, and Buffalo is coming off wins against the Panthers and Jets.

San Francisco +11.5 @ Indianapolis.
I just can’t see this line not shaded to the Niners. They aren’t that unpopular as W-line consensus goes, but the Colts have to be overrated after they keep blowing by the spread.

Baltimore -3.5
v. Denver
3.5 is a lot for this one. Denver has to be overrated from going 0-6, but basically equivalent to the Ravens seems about right.

St. Louis +4.5 v. Detroit
I know Detroit is not a good football team, but right now who wants to bet on the Rams? Hate fading awful teams, but I might be able to make an exception for the even worse Rams.

Tennessee -3 v. Jacksonville:
Not quite sure how Tennessee is more popular on W-Line, unless they mistakenly think VY will help this team. Remember Tenny is 0-6, coming off a 59 point loss and hosting a 3-3 team.

Cleveland +13.5 v. Chicago:
I’m not sure I can take almost two touchdowns against a team that lost by 35 last week, but the Browns are bad enough that I’m considering it.

The Rest:
Seattle, Miami, NYG(Giants are +2.5 on ESPN), Oakland, Green Bay, Atlanta.

I really have no idea how the NFL card will shape up this week. MNF Under is probably my favorite lean, and we know how that goes.


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