A) I am a sucker for Match Play.

B) This field was actually worse than Singapore. Take out Phil, Paddy, Ernie and Ogilvy, and the Annondale field is deeper, but the top of the line names at Singapore actually make it harder to win.

C) Nothing at all stuck out to me.

Possible Viking Tourney plays:
Toms v. Campbell
Curtis +100 v Bryd(1) Alright I’m taking that.
Tag Ridings -135 v. Daly.
Thatcher -145 v. “the best story in golf, can Duval qualify?”
Adamonis -120 v. Leif Olson.

Sim -110 v. Fowler would have been quite the internal debate for me. I like Sim as much as the next guy, but he is well known if you wager money on golf. When the price drifted up, it was an easy pass.

Just Ben Curtis in the full tourney match-up this week for the PGA.


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