Watching Eric Maynor in the NBA last night reminded me of times when I could take pleasure in Greg Paulus’ athletic failures.

USF +3 v. West Virginia
Not sure this would have popped onto my radar as a strong play amidst a full card of college action, but it looks like a pretty solid play on a stand-alone Friday night. USF has also been really poor the last two games.

Syracuse +15 v. Cincinnati
I’m not even sure Syracuse is underrated, they just plain suck. I’d be willing to say Cincinnati is overrated, though.

Vanderbilt +12 v. Georgia Tech
If Vanderbit is 7 pioints worse than Virginia I am scared to see how this one will turn out.

Illinois +7 v. Michigan
Wow, Juice and Paulus in the same week, again. I can’t wait to rehash this in my Terrible College Quarterbacks Anonymous meeting next week.

Arizona State +7 v. Cal.
Have to look into this one further, but I guess 14-33 against Stanford last week makes this stand out a little.

Tulane +35.5 v. LSU
I really hate these high point spread Big BCS v. tiny not good team on the road game, but I think it is pretty clear that LSU is not as good as people think.

Southern Miss +6.5 v. Houston
Meaningless stat of the week: In conference games only, Southern Miss has out-gained their opponents by about 98 per game. Houston has only out-gained opponents by around 53 per game.

Wake Forest +7.5 v. Miami
This might seem to easy as Miami, I think, has clearly been exposed as a mediocre team. Then, you remember that Wake’s last two outings were a blowout by Clemson and lost to a team that didn’t use that modern gimmick called “the forward pass” all game

Baylor +13 v. Nebraska
Wait, Paulus, Juice AND Baylor. This is better than the free nightlight that comes with the Snuggie.

Northwestern +14.5 v. Penn State
No strong feelings on this game or Northwestern, but if it’s on TV I might get involved.

Other Ideas:
I can’t see myself playing Auburn, last three games aside. I think they are just too overrated after a 6-0 start. Opinion on the Gators in the GFKATWLOCP. Their offense has looked terrible recently(I’d say its more one dimensional, as Demps,Rainey and Tebow make up a pretty solid run game), but the defense is legitimately good unlike Georgia in general.

In the big night timers, I’d say Oregon and OSU. Both of these seem like they are pretty popular for underdogs, but I think Tejas and USC have some serious flaws that people don’t quite realize because they are ranked in the top-5.

Since I’ve babbled on for this long, might as well throw out some small schoolers. Towson got destroyed by Delaware last time I checked 1-aa scores, so +31 at home against Richmond seems like the right idea. Maine getting 7.5 at home against ranked UMass is intriguing.

Somehow, I ended up with a lot more than I originally expected.


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