The College game has some okay looks this week, but wow, it definitely falls well short of the excellence that is the NFL.

UVa +5.5 v. Georgia Tech:
I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure UVa was leading the Coastal division of the ACC around this time last year, too. It won’t happen, but I’m definitely rooting for UVa to the BCS. It’s not terribly surprising that UVa seems so unpopular this week with Georgia Tech coming off the big home win against VT.

Baylor +9.5 v. OSU
I must have quickly glanced over this game because it wasn’t in my original leans list. It’s not like Baylor coming off a 14 point loss to Iowa State is going to be popular at all. This game promises to feature all kinds of incompetence ala Purdue circa 2 weeks ago.

Michigan St PK v. Iowa
Easily my favorite game of the college weekend. Obviously Iowa gets the hype for the big win at Penn State and the undefeated record, but it you look at the total yards gained by each team there isn’t much that separates these two teams.

Ole Miss -6.5 v. Arkansas
If last week’s game wasn’t fixed Arkansas may have beaten the Gators. The problem is, I somehow don’t see this team getting that fired up for the Ole Miss game, or playing that well two weeks in a row.

Clemson +4.5 @ Miami
I may have written it down wrong, but I’m pretty sure I had 7 for this line earlier in the week. That’s okay with me because 4-5 would have been my guess for this line and Miami is very popular and I can’t see any evidence that they are a great football team.*

*Obvious exception for Jacory Harris, Leader of Men.

Vanderbilt +12.5 v. South Carolina
Couldn’t cover 12.5 at home against Georgia. Don’t see why they will cover 12.5 against a better team.

Other Opinions:
Texas is over-rated, but I’m not touching Missouri. Straight from wagerline ASU over Stanford looks like a solid decision, but since I’m usually incoherent during Pac-10 games that requires further investigation on my part. Liked Tennessee a lot coming into the week, but they aren’t that unpopular and have been hit down to 14.

I think that should be it for college, before the NFL finally destroys me.


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