Debated this for awhile. I did some estimating on my numbers(b/c only 4 players involved in the field) that I wanted to double check before I put anything in. Also, doubling down on players has gone miserably for me lately. But, when Gonzo pointed out that -125 could be had for this I took it. Hopefully the nerves of sitting on a 2-shot lead at the Grand Slam of Golf aren’t worth the edge I have.

Field(A.K.A Glover) to win Grand Slam -125 v. Yang/Cink/Cabrera (1)

Castello Masters

It took me literally 4.33 seconds to figure out this price didn’t belong:

Robert Allenby +2800 to win (.7)

Allenby simply should not be in this price range. He is a straight up better player than Rose, Cabrera, Hanson, Willett and Schwartzel.

I went back and looked at what my rankings think, and they have Allenby at a fair price of +957. I have been fairly sporadic in comparing my numbers to what’s available at the books, but I can’t ever remember a situation with a player having a 6% edge on an outright that didn’t involve an injury.

Allenby comes into this playing really well, too. I think since he got slapped all around Harding Park by a hungover(and really hot putting) Anthony Kim. If you take the other four rounds their into account Allenby was arguably the best international. Oh, and that weird putting grip? It’s got him showing signs he can make putts.

Allenby is one of the best ball-strikers in the world, and this line immediately jumped out at me as the best golf outright line since the few tournaments leading up to Alex Noren’s win.

Well, here’s some inspiration for you Bobby.

I’ve still got some match-ups lined up, in this one, but I’ll post all that crap later, as I’m not totally done yet.


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