I totally forgot about this event. Actually, I’m not really sure I ever knew it existed. Anyway’s any event that features half the field named “Y.E. Yang” or “Angel Cabrera” is probably worth my time.

I’m only luke warm on Cink and Glover, but I think I can make some exceptions. I decided to lay off Cink, because I think Glover is just an all around better option. My numbers say Cink has value, but I’d rather go with Glover, who seems to have more value.

Remember, Glover has played like garbage the last few months. Another note, According to Yang’s twitter, he was in California for the President’s Cup two weeks ago, then went back to Korea, and just flew 30 hours to get to Bermuda, arriving today. It’s golf so I’m not sure that is truly built into the line, but it may be. Regardless, I cant imagine Yang will be at the top of his mediocre form.

Lucas Glover to win +325(1)
Lucas Glover +120 v. Angel Cabrera (1)
Lucas Glover -110 v. Y.E. Yang (1)

I also made this chart up which shows my numbers for any possible match-up:

And, here are the odds for winning the whole event:
Stewart Cink +239
Angel Cabrera +288
Lucas Glover +277
Y.E. Yang +449


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