What a mediocre season of college football. So, I set out to rank these teams using my own made up slotting system:

Cream of the Crop:
No one. Alabama is debateably in this group, based on their resume so far, but from what I saw against USC they looked pretty miserable on Saturday. Overall, that doesn’t mean much but I don’t think they are better than Florida.

Almost there:
Alabama, Florida

I’m not even going to try to rank these teams. Florida claims to have a good defense but that was exposed on Saturday a little bit by Ryan Mallet. There offense is incredibly one dimensional as they lack a quarterback with an arm to make all the throws and good WRs. The combination of Demps and Tebow running is pretty good, though.

Best of the Rest:

Begrudgingly, I’m giving this to Texas, though I’m not really sure what they have done all that impressively this season. They got slapped around the field by an Oklahoma team that played just slightly more incompetent and managed to lose. Other than that, a lot of garbage on that schedule for Texas with the only real test being @OSU and the Big12 title game.

Iowa, TCU, Cincinnati

Iowa may or may not be good, but I think they should be up here with the win over Penn State.

Like last year, TCU is probably a very strong team that for some reason isn’t getting hyped up like the other mid-majors. Huge test for them coming up @BYU this week.

Who really knows about Cincy? I guess they are pretty good, but they also play no one this season. I’m fairly certain with marquee wins over West Virginia and USF, an undefeated Cincy team is likely to get passed over by bigger one-loss teams

Flawed teams:
Ohio State, USC, Penn State, Boise State, Virginia Tech, LSU,

Talent-wise, these teams are all probably better than the group above(except Boise State and LSU), but they all have losses and flaws so I’ll throw them down here.

Boise State is not a great football team.

Oklahoma State, Nebraska, South Carolina

Okie State will be the biggest test for Texas, and I think they remain a pretty good challenge for them, although it would be nice if Bryant comes back.

Nebraska got killed by Texas Tech Saturday, but they have the talent to compete with good teams as they probably should have beaten a VT team on the road.

South Carolina definitely made it tough on Alabama, although it was clear Alabama was better and took down Ole Miss earlier in the year when people thought that was an accomplishment. I’m not saying they are great, but who else should be higher.

To recap:



Iowa, TCU, Cincinnati

Ohio State, USC, Penn State, Boise State, Virginia Tech, LSU

Oklahoma State, Nebraska, South Carolina

That probably puts too high of an emphasis on results as I’m fairly certain Iowa would not be favored over some of the teams below it on a neutral field. But, Oh well.

WEEK 8 First Reactions:
WED-UTEP +7 v. Tulsa-thought Tulsa was overrated coming into last week, after somewhat hanging with Boise State they should be so this week.

UVa +4 v. GaTech-Tech coming off the win against VT will blow out the lesser Virginia school.

Clemson +7 @Miami-7 is a little higher than I was expecting, but I think Clemson is still a dangerous team despite two losses in conference.

Purdue -10 v. Illinois- This line is awesome. Don’t expect to be on Purdue at week’s end(Illinois will probably be less popular), but laying 10 with a team that can be super sloppy is always a fun time.

Tennessee +16.5 v. Alabama-Lane Kiffin is my favorite coach to wager on dating back to last year’s Raiders squad.

PSU -4 @Michigan-Road favorites are never good, but I feel like Penn State always loses in the Big House.

Oklahoma -7 @ Kansas-easy pass since KU lost.

Michigan St. +2 v. Iowa-Really?

TCU -1 @ BYU-Probably not playable, but another awesome line for folks that are on the Boise State is not the best mid-major bandwagon.

Louisville +17 @ Cincinnati-Just not sure Cincinnati is that good.

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