Actually, I couldn’t tell you who won this game, because I turned off the Golf Channel after Bohner and Klauk finished their rounds*, but it brings up a good point.

*The Golf Channel sucks. Not sure how its possible to fill 40 minutes of commercials per hour on an obscure cable channel, but they did. Also, not sure who’s decision it was to put Justin Timberlake in the booth late in the back nine, but that happened. Dear Golf Channel, I promise you the people watching your tournament during NFL football at that time could have cared less about that. Just show Golf.

Anyway, the point I wanted to make is Jeff Klauk and Jason Bohn stood at -19 and -18, respectively on the 16th fairway, an easy par-5. They each had about 210-220 yards over water with the pin in the front. And, they laid up.

This is an indefensible decision, sort of like Brad Childress, who’s defense wasn’t close to stoping the Ravens in the second half shutting it down and settling for the FG. Considering how easy this course played, you need to get to -20 to win, or most likely a playoff(turned out it would have won). Take out your damn 5-wood rip it over the water to the back of the green and have an easy up and down birdie.

Sure, you might hit it into the water, but more often than not you will be closer for birdie if you just pound it over the green. Or, like Laird a few minutes later, you could actually grow a pair, rip a three iron and give yourself a 30 foot eagle putt.

The point is you play the hole 100 times, going for it might give you the only 6 or 7 you make, but it also gives you more birdies and a lower average. Winning a golf tournament is hard for most players to do, it will take some luck, so you might as well take the risk.

This brings up another point, was it worth it for the money?

I’m not sure what the prize structure was, but most tournaments winning is worth about 2x second and the money drops from there. Moral of the story, taking the risk, winning, getting a 2-year exemption, a free payday at Kapalua, and any sponsor bonuses for winning, is well worth the risk of the drop from 3rd to 5th in pay if it fails. If you’re up 7, lay up. If you’re in a close fought battle, play like a man and go for it.

It’s hard to have a much better week than I did, going 3-0 in the PGA Tour match-ups before the cut, then went 3-0 in touneys on Portugal after Sir Alex Noren fired a 62 complete with back-to-back eagles(one a hole in one). I even went 3-1 in round plays which is incredibly rare for me. Only things I lost were Molinari and D.J. who even briefly scared a top-5 and had the lowest score in the field over the final three days.

This brings up another point, my outrights of late have been ridiculously scary good. Time to start fading myself:
JT Shriners: D.J-Tied 8th
Madrid: Noren- Top-5
Alfred Dunhill: Noren- 50ish, Luke Donal- 3rd round leader
Tour Champ: Donald-sucked.
Omega Masters: Noren-won.

I don’t expect this streak of sorts to continue at all.

All NW, PGA, EPGA sanctioned events since Jan 1, 2009 included.

Noren jumped up to 61st after a hot couple of weeks. That would put him opposite Phil Mickelson if my rankings filled out the Accenture Match Play Championship. Coincidentally, that is the definition of personal max in Webster’s dictionary.

Next Week: was the site of one of my more painful losses of last year with Kevin Sutherland losing in a playoff(Cameron Beckman? really?) Haven’t really looked into it, but I would imagine this will have a pretty strong field considering half the PGA Tour lives in Scottsdale. Dear, Michael Sim deserves a sponsor’s exemption.

Strong entry list on the other side of the pond. No Noren, but he is almost unplayable at this point, unless Tiger is in the field. Looks like Kaymer is in the field, too, but I doubt that rounds into a play, either. Not really sure I like anyone there.

Two weeks from the European Match Play event, and I think we all know how that is going to end…


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