Washington -6 -106(1)
Tampa Bay +3 +105(1)
Baltimore +2.5 +105(1)
Oakland +14 -108(1)

Tampa Bay and Oakland are the most solid plays, I think. Washington is more borderline, but I get the feeling people think the Redskins suck. By the consensus numbers I have seen, Baltimore is borderline contrarian, at best, but coming off a loss last week against a Minnesota team, with Brett Favre, who is undefeated and won big last week, I think it is worth a single unit. It’s hard to debate that Minnesota is a good team, but I think they have been the beneficiaries of luck a little so far, plus people are ready to anoint Favre the next Tim Tebow.



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2 responses to “FORCING THINGS

  1. Jason

    nfl survivor entry for sale. over 520k in the pot and approx 2000 survivors left. email with an offer.

  2. I’ll give you one year of free access to the site…

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