South Florida +2.5 v. Cincinnati-Going back to the well on B.J. Daniels. This one is pretty likely as a stand-alone Thursday night ESPN game.

Rutgers +3.5 v. Pittsburgh-Not much seperates this Big East crapfest from the one on the preceding day other than the rankings in front of the team names. If this was on Sunday, I’d find a reason to avoid it, but by itself on Friday, I have a feeling I’ll get the itch.

Oklahoma +3.5 v. Texas-Given the Oklahoma losses earlier in the season, Texas as consensus top-3(do they have a good win?) this one is almost a given. It will fun to be on a noon game that features niether a)two crappy big-10 teams and b) Pam Ward.

NC State +3 @ Boston College- They lost by 21 last time out against DUKE. No, it is not basketball and Greg Paulus was not involved.

Purdue +13.5 v. tOSU-As AM pointed out earlier in the week Purdue may be 1-5, but they have outgained their opponents so far this season. Ohio State also probably shouldn’t have beaten Wisky by as much as the score last week indicated, if that means anything.

Those 5 are definites. Here are some more leans
PSU -17 v. Minny
UCLA +3.5 v. Cal
Tulane +17 v. Houston
Florida -24.5 v. Arkansas
Ga Tech +3 v. Va Tech

Not too thrilled about laying big numbers with PSU or Florida, so I will probably pass them. Tulane seems the most likely of the rest, as GT and UCLA will need further investigation.

Small Schools:
Maine +15 v. Richmond: I’m not sure, but Richmond has to be like 0-season ATS. Maine is a pretty bad team, this seems decent if I feel like looking into these smaller games on Saturday.

Towson +18 v. Delaware: Delaware killed UMass last week and I think has been pretty underrated on the whole, but coming off the big win and jumping into the top-25, I think Towson should have some value, although I know nothing about them.

I guess 2-3 JMU getting 2 at home against Villanova could be good or UMass favored against 5-0 UNH, but they just don’t feel as good. In the end, I never wake up motivated enough to look into these games, so I’ll probably just pass them all.

Feel free to tell me where I’m wrong/what I missed.

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