Not sure my NFL opinion is worth anything anymore, but that’s why reading the blog is free.

Compiled this chart last night from the stats:
YD/G-Yards per game
YA/G-Yards allowed per game
YPP-Yards per play
YAP-Yards allowed per play.
Everything else should be pretty easy to follow.

Minnesota: Not surprisingly Minnesota quarterbacked by the pro version of Tim Tebow and undefeated is overrated. Ranked number 3 currently in the ESPN power rankings is probably a good indication. In reality, the Vikes are just above the middle of the pack in terms of the yardage battle and a schedule full of St. Louis, Cleveland and Detroit probably artificially inflates their league best turnover differential. They were certainly beneficiaries of the Rams incompetence last week, so it will be interesting to see what happens when they play better offenses. Coincidentally, they play the Ravens and Steelers in the next two weeks.

St Louis: Pretty much the consensus worst team in the league right now, but I just don’t think that is true. Their yards per game differential is truly not down with the terrible terrible teams in the league. Second worst turnover differential hurts a little, but it also speaks to the overall incompetence of this offense. Luckily, the Rams may be avoidable this week, but I don’t see how they aren’t a big play at home against the Peyton Mannings in two weeks.

Washington: Another team that is getting non-stop crap from the media because their offense looks terrible. However, the stats say, much like last year, the offense has been bad, but the D has been very good. The Redskins have played an absolute terrible schedule, though, aside from the Giants in week one, so the stats are probably inflated because of that. Still, I don’t think Washington is an awful team, especially if they can find something with their offense.

I was going to focus on a few more teams, but I ran out of time, so maybe next week.

St. Louis
Tampa Bay
San Diego

Those are somewhat in order. Oakland and Baltimore seem like definites. Won’t take much for St. Louis or Tampa Bay. San Diego seems like a good option because I like crying about Monday Night Football on twitter and the Redskins are just ehh.

I was going to focus on a few more teams


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