Big School Leans:
Thu: Nebraska -2 @ Missouri: If this is remotely anti-public I’m playing it because Missouri is not a great football team.

Cuse +10 v. West Virginia: PAULUS!

Illinois +4.5 v. Michigan St.: Juice😦

Boston College +13.5 v. Va Tech: Ehh.

Alabama -6.5 @ Ole Miss: Probably won’t play this, but this is hilarious that Ole Miss once ranked 4th is now getting almost a TD, at home, to a conference team. Alabama is good. Call this mini Florida-LSU

Arkansas +2.5 v. Auburn: Auburn is undefeated.

Florida -8 @LSU: Not sure if this line assumes Tebow will play or not(I know it opened at -9), but it would almost be better if he didn’t. Laying more than a TD on the road, at night against a top-5 team. Florida is a MUCH MUCH stronger team.

Small School Leans:
James Madison +3 v. Richmond: Would have played Hofstra last week, but was scared when I noticed the line moved from 14 to 21. Since I didn’t feel like looking into injuries I passed. JMU then lost to Hofstra, who Richmond beat by 47.

New Hampshire +4 v. Villanova: Top-5 ranked Villanova coming off a big win against William and Mary.

Delaware +5.5 v. UMass: UMass is ranked, I continue to think Delaware is sneaky good.

Kansas City +9 v. Dallas: I realize this line wouldn’t be 9 again this week, but NYG=Dallas. That is not true.

NYG -16 v. Oakland: This line makes complete sense to me. Oakland was 3.5 point dogs in week 2 @KC. KC opened as 9 point dogs last week hosting the Giants. Switch around home fields and you get ~16. That is a ton of points to lay in an NFL game. Easy Survivor pick, too.

Rams +9.5? v. Minny: I’ll let filip describe this one.

Browns +6 @ Buffalo: Despite Cleveland being legitimately terrible, last weeks results make this marginal right now.

NE -3 @ Denver: Again are we saying Dallas=NE. That is just untrue.

Miami +1 v. NYJ: Let’s go Henne.

Houston +5.5 @ Arizona: Maybe.

I’m sure I missed something. Also, working on a President’s Cup strategy post should be up tonight or tomorrow morning.


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